Eden: Adam and Eve
Lady Glass

20. June. 07 - Author's Note: Eden: Adam and Eve has been slightly altered, slightly because I wanted it to fit my new story, Lily Under the Moon, which is a sequel of sorts to Eden. So now, after a very very long wait, Eden: Adam and Eve is finally finished. Enjoy!


Morning dew clings to my naked skin as I lay in the back yard, just barely awake. Ugly, I think. You're so ugly. I can see my ribs through my snow-white skin. My breasts are small and unnoticeable. My face is small and sharp, like an elf, with a pointed nose and chin. My lips are rather full but seem to large for my face. Worse yet, they are red as blood so they stand out on my small face. My eyes are green like grass.

I run my hand along the surface of the still pond at my side and wish I were beautiful like Petal. Petal with her black, glossy hair and chocolate eyes. Her minty-smelling breath and her long, graceful limbs. She is too beautiful for words to truly describe her. Anything I say is an injustice to her entirity. I worship her more than the man who made me, more than God himself.

Petal, the one who handed me the forbidden fruit. Those few beers and cigarettes and I was gone forever. I lost the Eve I had known so well once and I became something different. I lost my innocence. I used to run around the field at night, naked in the moonlight, my long, dark hair streaming behind me. I would lay on the sand of the beach and catch my breath, then cover myself in sand and bathe in the ocean.

Now I smoke and drink. I invite the boys into my house and I strip for them, dance for them. They pay me for showing them my breastless body, for touching myself in front of them, for entertaining them. Then I fall asleep in the arms of one of the remaining boys, the smell of sex still lingering in the air.

I lost my virginity along side Petal. We lay together on the bed, the boys moving on top of us. We held hands and eventually held each other in front of the boys. We fell asleep in the bed, entangled in each other's arms. The next morning, the boys dressed and left and Petal and I whispered in hushed voices about the boys.

I splash the clean water on my face and gasp at the sudden cold that rushes to meet my already chilled body. I stand and let the droplets of dew run down my body, walking toward the house. Immediately, I turn on the bathtub and fill it with warm water, adding all the lavender bath oils and salts, then soak until my fingers are wrinkled and start to hurt when I touch the side of the bath to firmly.

The scent of lavender still remaining, I dress. Low riding, tight jeans so my thong is visible to attract money. No shirt, just my bikini top that matches the thong. My dark hair, now cut so short it just barely brushes the lobes of my ears. Red lipstick and two coats of clear gloss so my lips are shiny. Glitter on my throat and chest. Short cut red nails. Black high-heels.

It is nearly noon. The sun is high and warms my pale skin. I look down. I wish I were like Petal. When she looks down, she sees the tops of her large breasts. When I look down, I see my feet. My ribs are still plainly visible through my pale skin. I am thin, and I am happy. I haven't eaten a good meal in a day or two but I did have half a breakfast bar yesterday morning. That should be enough to last me another few days.

I do not drive. No one drives here. Everyone walks. So I walk out of my neighborhood. One of the few houses with backyards. In fact, I know of only two neighborhoods in this whole city, the city of Eden, that has houses that have backyards. Everything is tall buildings, lights, people running across streets, cars and taxis racing by, yet the whole population seems to be on the sidewalks. There are strip clubs, movie stores, clothing stores, restaraunts. There are men and women in black and grey business suits. There are teenage girls in tiny shorts and tinier shirts. There are guys with their pants hanging dangerously low on their hips.

This is my city. This is Eden. Where I belong. Music is blaring from apartments above, cars are wipping by like if they go any slower, they'll be dead for sure. A few people across the street are playing music with the cases of their instruments open for money. Petal and I used to do something like that. We would dance on the street with barely nothing on. Our hands would brush against the other's breast and the crowd would go wild.

We thought we were rich when we counted our money. We were getting around a hundred a day, we even had some people who came regularly to see us dance. We stopped finally when Petal found Fire. Fire doesn't approve of the dancing even though he found Petal through the dances. He watched her every day, wishing she were his. Then he got the courage to talk to her and now they go out every day.

I miss Petal. She's so involved with Fire now. Now I'm never around her anymore and I'm all alone.

I glance around the city and lick my lips, thinking of lunch. I wish I could eat but I don't want to get fat. I would much rather be thin, my bones showing through my pale, pale skin than have all that extra fat. I light my cigarette and know I look sexy. The boys watch me as they pass by but they don't say anything. Do I really look like a "look but don't touch" object?

I find a little shop that sells incense and candles and sex novels. I buy some purfume that smells like rain and a few "Fresh Petal" candles. I always pass by the sex novels with some interest but I never buy one and today is no different. They remind me of Petal who bought a new one every time we came here.

The cashier is kind. She is a woman of about forty to fifty years of age. She wants me to meet her son. I tell her I'm fine, thank-you, but the woman insists, saying that I look like I need a man in my life. Do I really look that bad? I thought I looked nice today.

A boy that looks my age comes out of the back room. His lashes are long and thick, his face strong. He is not very muscular, but tall and slim. His hands are gentle-looking, smooth. I love hands. They are so interesting, so powerful. I want to feel his hands.

He introduces himself as Adam. I tell him my name. He does not seem like an Adam. He looks more like a Master Thunder. I tell him this and he laughs.

"You can call me Master Thunder, if you want," he says. I tell him I will. Master Thunder asks me if I would like to go to dinner. I can eat dinner tonight and skip food for three days, so I tell him yes, I would. I give him my address with a glittery pen on a little yellow paper. He puts it in his pocket and tells me that he can't wait. Then the Master Thunder disappears into the back room again.

The woman comes back out smiling and tells me she knew we would get along. I smile at her and take my things and leave.

I use my fake i.d. to buy some beer from a shop. While I am paying the man at the register, I hear a gunshot. Two men in black masks walk in the shop, guns in their hands. I am grabbed by one of them and he holds the gun to my head.

"Money," demands the other man, holding out his backpack.

The other man is whispering things in my ear while his hand wanders over my torso. "What's your name, pretty girl?" he asks. I shudder under his touch, feeling sick.

"Eve," I tell him.

The men start to back away but I notice that the man has not let go of me. The people in the shop look afraid. They stare at me like I should do something. The men climb in their car. I see a woman on her cell phone, she has called the police.

The men don't seem to care. They pull me in the car with them and speed off. I don't really care that I am in a car with two thieves. I am more concerned that I am going to miss my dinner with Master Thunder. But then again, that just means that I'll be sticking to my diet, so maybe this is a good thing.

The men stop the car at a small house. They set me on a bed and take turns in raping me. I feel shamed. Scared. I've heard of things like this. Men raping women, then killing them. But these men do not kill me. One of them takes my necklace, a delicate necklace with a small, silver cross and a ruby in the center. When they are done, they kiss me on the cheek and thank me for a good time, then drive me to the side of the road on the city. Across the street from the shop they robbed earlier.

"Call us," says one of the men before they drive off. I realize that they never took off their black masks. I can't even identify them.

I call the police when I get home and tell them I was raped.

"Well, we can't do anything now, can we?" says the person on the other line. The person hangs up.

I can't even call Petal to tell her what happened. But I call her anyway. Fire answers. I tell him that I want to talk to Petal. To my surprise, he lets me talk to her.

"What's wrong, babe?" Petal asks when she gets on the phone.

"I was raped." My voice is not my own. It sounds like someone else. "Two men robbed a store and took me to some house and raped me."

Petal tells me to call the police. I tell her that they turned me away. Petal believes me. That's how great a friend she is. She is coming over. She is going to help me, she says. She is going to make everything better. I hear Fire arguing in the background, but Petal doesn't listen to him.

I smile. I have my Petal back.