My Special Secret

Smile, smile

Laugh, laugh

My quivering heart

Is torn in half

My shivering heart

Fears truth

My withering heart

Fears the ruthlessness

Taking it over

Thinking of her

How broken she is not

How little she has fought

With more loneliness than

Anyone should bear

She still keeps going strong

Like she doesn't care

Sisters, sisters we once were

Now that phrase is meant to lure

Us into false security

It's been assured in me

I've been branded

By a once-true lie

I've been stranded

By an involuntary goodbye

Because it's twisted up

This horrible system

God's got some sick, sick humor

Why can't I just tell the truth to her?

That I miss her and I'm there

Broken, too vulnerable to care

Keeping it all in

Like it's my own little secret

All mine, not yours

No chance for regrets

My special secret

And I'm never letting go

My immense secret

And I'll never let it show