Perhaps ignorance is truly bliss

I wish I were ignorant to ignore this

it's a constant struggle within myself

and I'm far too proud to accept your help

I want it all to go away

so I can see the beauty of today

But wanting only leads to hope

which only leads to taking rope

and wrapping it around my throat

trashing as I start to choke

kicking into air and smoke

struggling until my neck is broke

this isn't just another joke

but I can't give up on this fatal hope

As I fade into the darkness of deception and lies

as they multiply and fester inside

always trying their best to hide

while they tear away at my dwindling pride

I cannot give into these lies

and I will not compromise

even if it ends in my demise

it's worth ridding myself of the pain I despise

so now I'm going to close my eyes

you'd better say your last goodbye's

take one more look at your ruined prize

as I melt away from my disguise

why do you all look so surprised

why couldn't you just recognize

that I could never be so ignorant

still I've found bliss anyway...