The Slaying Game

The relentless rustling of the leaves would have put anyone on edge—especially while sitting in a park at midnight with only the pale moon and the shadows cast from its light for company. Anyone but Chase. The park bench she sat on was cold, which made her regret putting on such a short skirt. Not to mention the black halter she had on with its shamefully low neck line. She was, after all, aiming to be vamp bait. She was willing to freeze her bum off just to draw even one.

And draw one she did. She sensed his presence, the eerie aura which belonged distinctly to the undead. She crossed her smooth tanned legs and ran a hand down the side of her neck. 'Come and get it, big boy,' she thought to herself. 'I've got a nice stake dinner waiting for ya'.

She waited… and waited. Where was he? He was still lurking, she was sure of that. Unless her senses were betraying her.

The lamp post next to the bench flickered and the wind whistled. A strong gust elevated thevolume of the rustling leaves and scattered them about on the ground.

Chase didn't have all night to wait on this blood sucker. 'And here I was expecting to coast through this'. She left the bench and started toward the grove of trees straight ahead.

'Here, kitty kitty,' she mused to herself. She pressed on cautiously, making her footfalls as soft as possible. Vampires had disturbingly acute senses, so this was necessary. She wore no perfume or bright colors that would catch a vamps eye in an instant. Feeling his presence (she was absolutely sure the thing was male) more strongly than before, Chase knew she was on the right path. She progressed deeper and deeper into the grove. The moon's light became eclipsed and almost completely eliminated by the thick canopy looming over her head. This put her at a disadvantage. The vampire would be able to see her perfectly, but she had to wait until her eyes adjusted to the near pitch darkness.

'Clever little demon. Maybe he knows I'm a slayer—or just thinks I'm an incredibly dense bimbo'.

It seemed like someone was behind her. So close. If the thing had breath, she would probably have felt it on the nape of her neck. She turned around and reflexively raised her fists. Nothing but wind.

Chase turned back around and didn't hesitate to act on the urge to look up. And when she did, he came swooping down toward her. She caught only a glimpse of his pale blond hair, translucent eyes, and sharp bared fangs before he pounced on her and sent her to the ground.

Chase immediately kicked him off of her and stood. Settling into her battle stance, she waited for him to attack her once again. He stood stock still, staring at her with cold glassy orbs. They almost seemed to glow in the dark. She'd be waiting forever if she wanted him to attack first. It was clear that he would not.

Chase threw the first punch, which the vampire dodged with ease. She swung again and yet again, each intended blow missing the mark. She tried to put her foot into his face and failed to so as he caught it and held her leg in the air. She brought her other foot up and around, completely taking her off the ground. The kick connected, but because of the way the kick had been executed, she found herself also on the ground.

Chase was the first of the two to get up. She drew a small retractable silver stake, which could have easily been mistaken for a pocket knife, from the waistband of her skirt.

She approached the seemingly unconscious vampire and straddled him. "Thought you were a bit of a bad boy, huh? I thought so, too." She clenched the stake firmly with both hands and drove it straight down towards his cold heart—and was taken completely by surprise when his pale icy hands shot up and gripped her arms.

She struggled with him to lower the point, but found out rather quickly that he was merely toying with her. As if she herself wasn't even putting forth a solid effort, he easily lifted her arms and therefore the stake also. With one fluid movement, he separated her hands so that the stake remained in just her right.

Chase let out a sky splitting yelp when he squeezed her forearm, forcing her to lose her grip on the metal. She shrieked as he lifted her over his head and onto her back. Now he was the one straddling her.

The vampire pinned her arms to her abdomen with just one hand. He was remarkably strong and in turn, Chase was remarkably helpless.

The pulsing pain in her right arm was almost too much to bear. He tightened his grip like a vice and she bit her lip to keep from screaming. When she let up, she could taste her own blood.

Her breathing was labored and she felt dizzy. "Heartless, murdering bastard," she muttered.

"Cocky, deceptive slayer," he retorted in a velvety voice. "The costume looks good on you though."

He ran his other hand up the side of her thigh and his chilled touch made her want to gag. Though under different circumstances, she probably would have enjoyed being touched like that by such a gorgeous man. But he wasn't a man. He was a soulless demon.

She was about to pass out from the pain. She was thankful when he stopped fondling her… only to find that he had retrieved her lost stake. He held it over her and it glinted in a thin beam of moonlight that shown through the tree tops.

She was going to die by the hand of an abnormally strong and handsome vampire with disturbing clear eyes and pale blond hair.

For some reason, he let go of her arms. Perhaps it was so that he could enjoy watching her struggle futilely as he did to her the very thing she only seconds before planned to do to him; drive the stake right through her pulsing heart.

Chase knew she couldn't win, but she wrapped her good hand around his wrist and tried in vain to stop him as he slowly drove the stake closer to her quivering flesh and beating heart. She drew a sharp breath as the point dug gingerly into her skin. But still she resisted him. He slid the sharp edge about an inch along the skin directly above her left breast and caused her more pain, though the incision wasn't too deep.

Chase's threshold for pain had almost been filled. Her good arm fell limply at her side. Her vision began to darken. Seconds later, she felt his ice cold lips on her skin, at the point of incision. The coolness soothed the burning of the cut for a moment… then she felt her life's blood slowly leaving her. Slowly leaving…


Chase woke with a start. She sat bolt upright and was sure she had let out a horrified wail. Cold beads of sweat trickled down her face and neck. That was some dream. And the details were amazing. It seemed too real. She lifted her hand to wipe the perspiration from her brow and hissed as a sharp pain shot through it.

"What the…?" She pulled back the sleeve of her pajama shirt and could see a dark bruise made visible by her night light. So it wasn't a dream then? Had she died? 'Hmm. I must be in hell if I went to a place that looks my apartment,' she thought.

She checked her chest for the incision the vampire had given her. It was there and now she could feel the soreness of it. It wasn't like any other pain she'd ever felt. It burned like someone poured lava on her skin.

Who was that vampire? And moreover, how did she get back to her apartment alive and in one piece? She plopped backwards onto her pillow and looked out the window. Dawn was just over the horizon. She'd get a few winks in, then she'd try to wrap her mind around last night's events and try to find out about the vampire who virtually made her slaying abilities non-existent.


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