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Chapter 1

He had fallen asleep again. But was he in the comfort of his own bed, his gigantic pillow beneath his brunette head? Was his big orange comforter covering his head? Oh, no. It had to be on the desk. The uncomfortable and cold desk. Not to mention it had landed him in detention. Once again. As in third-time-that-week again.

His mother was going to kill him once he got out.

Fourteen-year-old Tyler Graham threw his head back onto the desk behind his and sighed a very audible sigh. The teacher assigned to the detention that afternoon glared at him but he did not sit up. He paid no attention to the teacher but instead watched the fluorescent lights as they flickered.

A small giggle came from two desks in front of him and he looked up to see a redheaded girl turn her head towards the front of the classroom. He grinned, noticing that she had been looking at him. After tearing out a piece of paper from his notebook, he decided to ask her out. Making sure the teacher wasn't looking, he tossed it at he desk. Tyler wasn't being very discreet about it, which was probably why he was sent into the hall after the teacher had confiscated the note and scolded him.

Oh god, what am I going to do? Mimi Carmine raced down the almost deserted street towards her middle school. While flirting with some football hottie near her locker, she had forgotten her research for her science report. The girl already had bad enough grades as it was, so if she didn't do that report, she'd flunk. Normally, she wouldn't worry, but it was that exact afternoon that her computer had decided to crash. Yet another perfect event in her already not-so-perfect life.

She was only glad that the school hadn't entirely closed yet. It was still detention hours, so someone would still be there. And as head cheerleader they had to let her in.

Pulling out a cell phone from the purse dangling from her forearm, she dialed in her best friend's number. When nobody picked up, Mimi angrily turned off her phone and thrust it into the purse. Sara was totally going to get it.

Mimi reached the school doors exactly seven minutes before the detention time was up. That gave her two minutes to get to her locker, three to get what she needed, and then two minutes to get out.

"Right, just get the research and get out. Nothing to be worried about." Mimi consoled herself as she pushed the doors open.

To see Mimi Carmine, the most popular and prettiest girl in the entire neighborhood, rush past him in such a hurry towards the school was one thing, but to see his actual girlfriend in the arms of his older brother was another. Michael Allot was not just shocked, he was confused. Why would Jessica pick his older brother over him? His brother was so, so not him.

Sure, he never really cared about the girls he dated, but to see that one had actually gone through him to get his brother was extremely insane. Who cared if his brother was in a really popular band and looked good in tight jeans? Michael certainly didn't think his girlfriend would care.

Michael himself didn't really like music or tight jeans. Baggy jeans were much easier to move around in and music was just irritating. And, unlike his brother, he hated football. He preferred swimming or running. Competitive things weren't really his thing, unless it involved a girl or pizza.

So, after finding his brother and girlfriend lip-locked in his favorite café, he started to walk home slowly, thinking things over. Then, Mimi Carmine pushes him out of her way so she can run towards school. He was absolutely dumbfounded when he saw her. Who would want to return to school after hours except the teachers? He knew Mimi had bad grades (she always gossiped about how the math teacher was jealous of her hair and tried to mess up her life by giving her Cs on pop quizzes) but he had never expected her of all people to be running to school as though she actually wanted to be there.

He did what any other guy would do when seeing a beautiful damsel run towards a place of great torture and distress (otherwise known as school). He ran after her, although it took him a second to open the door because it was awkward to just walk into the school after hours. When he walked inside, he went to the places where Mimi hung out most with her best friend. Those included both of the girls' bathrooms, the cafeteria, the girls' locker room, and her locker. He finally found her closing her locker with a handful of papers and a science textbook.

"Hey," he startled her. He could see the surprise in her hazel eyes. "Forget your homework?"

She gave a small smile and hugged her textbook, as she said meekly, "I'd drop dead if I didn't get my science report done on time."

"Right." He joked. Pointing towards the doors with his thumb, he asked, "Want to get some coffee?"

She made a face and stuck out her tongue. "I hate coffee."

But she followed him towards the doors.

Sara Brandt collected all of her things when the teacher had announced that the detention was over. She walked back two desks and collected another book-bag and a notebook that laid open on the desk. She picked the notebook up and flipped through it, finding various pictures of nature scenes and mythical beings and such. There was one picture that caught her attention though and she smiled as she walked out of the classroom.

"Hey, Ty." She greeted when she saw the boy standing in the hall. He grinned and gave a small wave before collecting his things. When he reached for the notebook, she drew back. Turning the pages, she asked, "Would you mind explaining something to me, Ty?"

She held up a picture of two girls. One was her from two days before. He had even colored in her blue jeans and the red sweater that matched her hair. In her arms were exactly two textbooks, five folders, and one green binder, each of which he had taken time to draw carefully.

The other girl was her best friend, who of which, she noticed, was drawn more carefully than the picture of her. They were both standing in the hall, by an open window that day, so Mimi's cinnamon-colored hair was flying in an invisible breeze. He had also taken the time to color her lemon colored sweater, maroon skirt, and maroon platform shoes.

"Well, you and your friend were the perfect models that day." He answered defiantly, grabbing the notebook from her hands.

"If you say so. And my friend has a name, you know." She teased, walking down the hall.

"Yes, yes, I know." He replied, following her. He changed the pitch of his voice so it sounded like an annoying little girl. "Mimi Carmine, head cheerleader, object of every boys' affections. How could I not forget? She's like a disease. She infects everyone and never goes away."

Sara punched his shoulder, causing him to wince in pain. "Just for that, I won't go out with you."

He had stopped to rub the pain searing through his upper arm, but ran to catch up with her once she stated that. After he had turned the corner, he was in a rush of flying papers. Obviously the one carrying the papers had thrown them up as defense when he had crashed into him or her. When all the papers had fallen to the ground, the girl that they belonged to dropped to the floor and hurriedly picked them up. Sara stooped down to help, noticing the girl as her best friend, Mimi Carmine.

"Why is this happening to me?" Mimi squealed in frustration, pulling on her cinnamon-colored hair. Sara patted her friend's shoulder and handed her the textbook.

The head cheerleader went to take the textbook, when several pictures fell from it. Faces of different teens in their classes stared up at them. Mimi stared at the picture of her classmates in confusion. She had never placed any pictures in her textbook. She turned the front cover over to see if it was really her textbook. It wasn't.

She threw the textbook to the ground and sunk to her knees in a tantrum, whining about how horrible that day was.

"Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, calm down. You can't just go to the science classroom and find yours." Said a boy that both Sara and Tyler noticed as Michael Allot. He gripped Mimi's shoulders and consoled her. Tyler groaned in disgust. He hated Michael. The boy was just so full of himself. He was self-centered and he didn't care about anyone. Tyler also had personal reasons to hate him for.

So Mimi went to the science classroom, Sara following. Both the boys followed them, saying it was too dangerous to walk around the school building after school hours. Sara retorted by telling them that the only things that were dangerous were their ugly faces.

When they reached the classroom, they all entered after a moment's hesitation. Mimi put the book on a desk and went over to the bookshelf in the back of the room. There, she went through each book and tried to find hers.

Tyler went over to the model skeleton near the door and poked its ribs, saying, "You know, it's weird being in here at this time of day."

"Right. Find your book and let's get out of here." Michael ordered, receiving a glare from Sara.

"I found it!" Mimi exclaimed, just as Tyler noticed something coming down the hall. He ran to the back of the room, grabbing Mimi first and then Sara, and pulled them into the closet that every classroom had. Michael followed, outraged by what Tyler was doing. But before the pretty boy could protest, Tyler pulled him into the closet also and closed the door, leaving it open a crack.

"What is it?" Mimi asked in a whisper, grabbing Tyler's arm.

Sara snorted but also said in a whisper, "He probably thinks he saw an alien."

Michael, who was closest to the door, told them to be quiet. The girls looked out the door just in time to see the door open and see their science teacher, Mr. Cupid, walk in the classroom. The foursome watched as the teacher walked over to his desk and opened and closed a cabinet at the front of the room, grabbing an item in the process.

"I thought Mr. Cupid left five minutes after school lets out. What's he doing here?" Mimi asked in a barely audible whisper which no one but Tyler heard, as she spoke it right into his ear. She was holding his arm tightly and showed no sign of letting go. Tyler couldn't help but notice how close their faces seemed to be in the darkness. He turned away but didn't answer her, only tried to make her let go of him.

"That's odd. What's he doing now?" Sara asked Michael, who had a better view than her.

"I have no idea, so shut up! He might hear you." Michael shushed, jarring the door open by a centimeter.

The teacher looked out the window on the door to see if anybody was there. When he saw no one, he grabbed the something he had taken from the cabinet and set it on the desk.

Mimi had started to sob silently. She had a feeling that they'd get caught. She hated close situations like these. If they were all caught, they'd all have detentions, or worse, suspension. Mimi had never gotten a detention in school before, and a suspension would just about ground her from the phone, the t.v, and almost everything she lived for.

Mr. Cupid raised something in his hands and they all saw it was some sort of staff. After mumbling some words, he began to grow at an increasing rate. Curly horns grew from his skull and hair spread all over his face and arms. The polo shirt and pants he had been wearing became a dark brown tunic and breeches. They couldn't see his face, nor did they want; all four of them were frozen to the spot with fear. What had their teacher become?

A thin line appeared on the chalkboard at the front of the room. The line opened to reveal swirling colors of indigo, yellow green, and purple. Once the hole was bigger than the monster that was their teacher, he stepped through it. It closed and disappeared as though it had never been there.

The foursome hesitated before stepping out of the safety of the closet. They gazed at one another and made a silent agreement to get out. Once outside in the autumn cold, Michael joked uneasily, "That sure didn't look like a science lesson he was going to tell us about."

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