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"Maybe it was best we didn't come here." Sara whispered behind her hand to Michael, who nodded vigorously as he was handed a chicken. The boy stared at the chicken for a long time, hoping it would fry instantly or turn into a steak.

When they first entered the little town, they were stared at as though they were human looking creatures that had come from the forest. Then, the people, who had all stopped in their tracks as they stared at the two, threw their hands into the air and cheered. In the next second, the two were both laden with many gifts from the people. Michael looked up from the chicken and surveyed the many people surrounding him. Noticing a group of girls his age, he grinned and winked at them. They all giggled and turned away to blush. Sara flashed the boy a harsh glare that made his skin crawl with fear.

She hissed at him as she was being handed a bowl of fruit, "We didn't come here to flirt, you idiot!"

Michael eyed the bowl of fruit. "You're just jealous." He went to reach for an apple, but Sara pulled the bowl away from him and in the next moment, he was surrounded by a swarm of young girls.

Sara glared at the group surrounding the boy as she silently bit into a peach. "Serves him right. Hmph!"

"Tyler! We've been walking for hours! When are we going to stop?" Mimi cried as she sank to the ground.

Tyler's face was flushed with anger and annoyance as he hissed, "We've only been walking for fifteen minutes!"

"Still, it feels like we've been walking forever." Mimi whined. "I didn't eat dinner and now I'm hungry! I can't walk on an empty stomach."

Tyler sat on the ground next to her, sighing dramatically. "Always thinking about your stomach, aren't you?" He shrugged his bookbag off his shoulders and opened it to reveal tons and tons of junk food.

With stars in her eyes, Mimi clasped her hands together and said in awe, "You're my hero, Tyler. An amazingly splendid hero! You're a life saver who has saved me from a life condemned to starvation!"

"Stop being so dramatic. It scares me." He tossed her a bag of barbecue chips. He knew that they were her favorite, which was why he was sure to pack them. He almost chuckled when he saw her hurriedly gobble down the whole bag and ask for more.

"You're so smart, Tyler. I didn't think to bring anything before I came to the school. It's a wonder why you do so poorly in school." Mimi laughed, opening another bag of chips. She immediately wished she hadn't said that last statement when she saw the gloomy look that it had cast over him. "But, then again, I shouldn't be one to talk!"

"No, you shouldn't. You're grades are almost as bad as mine." It was Tyler's turn to laugh, causing Mimi to go red in the face.

"How come you never laugh near Sara or Michael?" Mimi asked a second later when he became quiet once again.

Tyler shrugged. "I'm not the laughing type, I guess. I probably don't even have a sense of humor." He thought for a moment and added, "Besides, there's nothing to laugh about when pretty boy is around."

Mimi pouted and walked away. Tyler gathered up the garbage she had left behind and stuffed it into his bookbag before he ran to catch up with her. They were both silent until Mimi asked him, "Why do you hate Michael so much? What has he ever done to you?"

Tyler kept silent for the next three minutes. He finally decided to answer and opened his mouth to speak when something jumped out from behind a tree off to the side of the dirt road. The thing or person (it seemed to have a human form, but it was too dark for them to tell) stood before them, looking them over.

The boy slowly started to turn his body so he could easily run. Mimi looked sideways at him, but managed to keep an eye on the odd thing in front of them. Under his breath, Tyler told Mimi, "On the count of three, we run. Got that?" When she nodded her head a bit, he swallowed nervously and whispered, "Okay. One…two…three!"

They both started at a run in the opposite direction but found that there were several other dark-clad figures blocking their way. Mimi ran straight into the arms of one and it held onto her tightly so she couldn't get away. Tyler was also caught before he could escape. The two things holding them captive brought them to the first figure they had seen.

The figure removed a cloth from his head, revealing a man's face. The man looked the two over and nodded. "These are two of the four that we have been looking for."

Another figure came up beside the man, the cloth covering his face also gone. Tyler looked around at the group that had captured him and Mimi, seeing that all of them were also taking off cloths hiding their faces. The person beside the man that seemed to be the leader looked about seventeen to twenty years of age. He whispered something in the leader's ear. The leader nodded. "Let's hurry. Upid is waiting for us back at the camp. We mustn't keep him waiting."

"There is no need to keep me waiting, Jad. I'm already here." a voice behind them. The two men in front of the teens turned, revealing the speaker.

Both Tyler and Mimi gasped, "Mr. Cupid!"

Sara and Michael were still being honored with gifts when Mimi and Tyler got captured. By then, they were up to their waists in livestock, food, clothes, pottery, jewelry, and young woman who had thrown themselves at Michael's feet, wanting to see if he really was as handsome as the other girls had said he was. And although Michael found this flattering, he found he did not like the cold glances and remarks he received from Sara.

"Excuse me, sir, but do you know of a place where my friend and I could sleep tonight?" Sara asked one old man who was presenting her with a beautiful dagger with a jeweled hilt.

The old man nodded and motioned to someone in the crowd of people. The person turned out to be a man in his thirties, with light yellow hair and brown eyes. He wore a light blue overcoat and brown breeches. When he greeted Sara and Michael, he bowed very low and said in a thick voice, "It is a pleasure to be of use for two of the Four of Legend."

"Your majesties, this is Sir Firwal Ther. He will guide you to the finest inn here in Sud." The old man told them before he walked away.

Four of Legend? Majesties? Now that's odd, Sara wondered as she followed Firwal, tugging on Michael's sleeve to let him know to follow her.

Michael sighed and told the women around him, "Ladies, ladies! I must take my leave now!" he hurriedly left them stranded in the spot where he had been as he followed Sara and Firwal.

Firwal led them across the whole town to a tall wood building called Eau Auberge. He went inside to tell the innkeeper of his two new customers. Minutes later, Firwal came back out of the building and ordered him to follow them inside to see their rooms.

Their rooms were the finest at the inn, as Firwal had told them, and indeed they were. Both Sara's and Michael's rooms were decorated heavily with fine tapestries and vases. The sheets on the bed were made out of the finest cloth and every piece of furniture was made out of mahogany.

"Thank you for paying for our rooms, Firwal." Sara told Firwal after both she and Michael had inspected their rooms.

Firwal laughed. "Pay? I didn't have to pay. The innkeeper was more than happy to house two of the Four of Legend that he let you two have your rooms for free. And please, call me Fir."

Michael entered Sara's room through a door that connected their rooms. He sat in a cozy chair by a fireplace and asked, "What's this 'Four of Legend' I keep hearing people say? Is it some kind of religion?"

"You don't know?" Fir asked. Upon seeing them shake their heads, he told them. "The Four of Legend isn't a religion; it's…." he looked at both of them and sighed at their curious faces. "It's a long story."

"Mr. Cupid, what are you doing with these…these bad people?" Mimi screamed at their science teacher. The teacher did not answer as he ordered the men around him to move out to the camp. "What are you going to do with us? Don't you know who we are? We're your students!"

She looked around, trying to find where Tyler was. He was being led into the forest by the dirt road, as was she. They were led deeper into the forest until they came to a wagon. The men holding the two threw them into the back of the wagon and several other men clambered in after them. The wagon lurched forward.

Both Mimi and Tyler looked up at the driver's seat and saw Mr. Cupid and the leader of the bandits. Mr. Cupid turned around and, to their horror, the teens saw he was not the human Mr. Cupid that they knew. Instead, he was the monster they had saw in the science room the day before.

"Rest, you two. You must have been walking for awhile." Mr. Cupid told them.

"Actually, we've only been walking for about fifteen or twenty minutes before you kidnapped us." Tyler retorted stubbornly. He had always been one to defy his teachers.

"That doesn't matter." Mr. Cupid told him before turning around.

"Where are we going?" Mimi asked. She glanced cautiously at the stern eyes of the men and noticed their eyes were all on her. She swallowed nervously and hoped that the camp they were going to wasn't full of just men.

The leader of the group turned around and snapped at his men, "Don't touch the girl, you idiots! She is an important key to our safety."

"Important key to your safety? What's that mean?" Mimi curled her hands into fists. If this man was mocking her…. Oh, the pain she would give him.

The two drivers laughed. Mr. Cupid turned around and patted her head with a huge, grisly claw. "Don't worry about it, Mimi. I'll explain when we arrive at the camp."

Mimi became quiet after that, consoled by her teacher's statement, but she still had her fists ready to punch any man that so much as winked at her.

They arrived shortly at a small campsite. Several big white tents were pitched up and several people walked about. Most of the people were men, but there were some women among them. Mr. Cupid and the leader of the bandit group led the two teens into the largest tent in the middle of the campsite. There, the monster that was their teacher motioned for them to sit down on cushions that surrounded a large wooden table.

"You'll explain everything now, won't you, Mr. Cupid?" Tyler asked suspiciously. Even though it was his science teacher, he wasn't going to let his guard down.

"First things first. How did you get here?" The monster asked as he and the bandit leader sat across from them.

Mimi explained, seeing as Tyler wouldn't. "We were in the closet when we saw you turn into…well, what you are now yesterday after school. We went back after school today and found the staff thing you used and then Sara and Michael—"

"Sara and Michael?" Mr. Cupid asked. "You mean you two aren't the only ones who came here?"

Mimi nodded her head. "Sara Brandt and Michael Allot were transported here first. Then, Tyler and I came back at night and also entered the portal."

"And where are Sara and Michael now?"

Tyler spoke this time. "We don't know. We were searching for them when those bandits got us. And then you showed up. What are you doing here, anyway?"

Mr. Cupid and the bandit leader looked at each other. They nodded and Mr. Cupid turned to his students again. "Mimi, Tyler, this is Jad, leader of the Relg army." Jad bowed his head to the two teens and they acknowledged him with a nod of their heads. "As for me, I am not called 'Mr. Cupid' here. My real name is Upid, and I am the co-leader of the Relg army. I was sent to your world several years ago to find the Four of Legend and bring them here when this world was once again in danger."

"As for where we are, this world is called Quatre, for the four kingdoms that make up this world. The four kingdoms are Nord, Est, Sud, and Ouest." Jad pulled out a map from his belt and unrolled it to show the two. On the map were four large areas, each with a big title in big black letters. "We are in the Sud Kingdom, or the kingdom of the south."

Mimi and Tyler nodded. Upid continued. "Long ago, each kingdom were ruled by four Imperials. Each Imperial was given a gift by the gods that strengthened one of their five senses. In the Kingdom of Nord, in the north, was Imperial Mahina. She was a great ruler who was given the gift of sight." He pointed to the north territory on the map and then to the east. "In the Kingdom of Est, was Imperial Tamblyn, who was given the gift of smell. In Sud (where we are right now) the Imperial Selirra was given the gift of touch. And, lastly, in the west, was the Imperial Makani who ruled over Ouest. Makani was given the gift of hearing."

"Where do we come into play?" Tyler asked, stroking his chin. It was all very confusing.

Jad took over. "Several years ago—fourteen to be exact—the Dark Sovereign took over the four kingdoms. For several months, the people lived in poverty and starvation. The crops never grew, the water became infected with disease, the creatures came out after dusk—it was dark times. Upid and I were only children then but we remember it well." Jad looked over at Upid, a knowing, sad look in his eyes. "But then the four Imperials gathered and consulted one another. They rose against the Dark Sovereign and trapped him inside a tower somewhere in one of the kingdoms. After that, everything went back to normal in the four kingdoms."

"But the four Imperials had spent all of their life force on sealing away the Dark Sovereign that it killed them. Before they died, however, they sent their life force to your world. There, each life force was born with four new Imperials or, as the local people call them, the Four of Legend." Upid explained. "I was sent to your room to look for the Four of Legend. It was why I became a teacher, so I could be surrounded by children and search among them."

"Did you find them?" Tyler asked. He had a feeling he knew what the answer was.

Upid looked at both of them. "As a matter of fact, I did." He looked at Mimi. "Do you know why you didn't have your book, yesterday?"

Mimi shook her head but her eyes widened when she saw Upid's knowing smile. "You switched my book with the other one!"

"I did. It was to lure you four to the science classroom. I went through the portal, hoping you four would see me."

"Then you knew we were in the closet the whole time, and you didn't acknowledge we were there. Why?" That was Tyler.

"Because I just wanted to show you how to get to this world. I knew you would follow me." Upid grinned.

"Well, how did you know Sara, Michael, Tyler and I were the Four of Legend?" Mimi asked.

Upid placed a hand over his chest and bowed. "Your followers will always be able to sort you out from normal people. You two, and Sara and Michael, glow with royalty."

Michael and Sara burst out laughing once Fir was done telling the story. They laughed for several minutes, holding their stomachs and wiping tears from their eyes.

"This is a joke, right?" Sara fell onto a chair, sighing in amusement. "Imperials? Dark Sovereign? Do you think we're stupid?"

Michael stood up on Sara's bed, a blanket wrapped around his shoulders as though it was a cape. "I always knew I was royalty! Bow down to me!" They both laughed again.

Fir looked from Sara to Michael and said, "It's true. Ask any person outside and they will tell you it's true!"

"I'm sorry, Fir, but that story has no logic at all." Sara ushered him out of the room. "Until I have facts, I just won't believe it."

She turned around and glared at Michael, who was sitting on her bed, the blanket still around his shoulders. "What do you think?" He asked.

"You heard what I think. There has to be a reasonable explanation for all of…this." Sara sat down in a chair and covered her eyes with her hands, looking very tired.

They became silent. Michael looked Sara over. She sat in a chair, head in hands, feet propped up on a stool. It was times like these that Sara looked like her father, always serious and always searching for a reason to everything. It gave Michael a headache.

"I wonder what Mimi and Tyler are doing right now. Do you think they're at home?" Michael asked.

Sara shook her head. "Knowing Mimi, she probably jumped into the portal after us." Sara chuckled and went silent as she went on. "But Tyler's more of a mystery. Lord knows what he's doing right now."

"Right. Get some sleep." Michael said as he made his way to his own room. "I don't know why, but I have a feeling that we're going to have a big day ahead of us tomorrow!"

Fir walked out of the inn angrily. He knew they'd be skeptical, but he became outraged at their mockery. He wondered if they'd show the same amusement when they met him.

He walked down an alleyway next to the inn, where a bunch of creatures dressed in black stood. Chuckling, he stood silent as he watched the windows of the two teens' rooms. The boy had turned his light of. The girl's was still on, but in the next moment, it went off. He looked around the street the inn was on. The townspeople had gone to sleep and the street was deserted.

Fir motioned to the creatures. "Let's go. The Dark Sovereign is waiting for us to bring him some guests."

Michael had just been starting to fall asleep when the sudden urge to go to the bathroom came. He groaned as he walked out of his room and searched for a bathroom in the hall. He found it and did his business, only taking three minutes. He was washing his hands in a basin when he heard a big thud in the hall.

He peeked out the bathroom door and saw nothing. Shrugging, he walked out of the bathroom and started towards his room when something grabbed him. It held onto him tightly and covered his mouth to muffle any protests. Michael fidgeted in his captor's hold and flung his legs out fiercely. His heel collided with something— most likely a leg— and his captor fell to one knee, loosening his hold on Michael. The boy easily escaped and ran to his room.

When he caught his breath, he heard more thuds in Sara's room. Rushing into the girl's room, he found several other dark-clad creatures, one of them holding a sleeping girl in its arms.

"Sar—" Michael started but was silenced when a rag was pressed against his face. He breathed in something that smelled very odd and fell instantly into unconsciousness.

Mimi and Tyler were both given a pallet to sleep on in a tent adjacent to Upid's. A lantern outside the tent shone through the flimsy fabric of the tent, making it only possible to someone's silhouette.

"Tyler?" Mimi asked in a whisper.

"Yeah?" his voice came back in the same hushed tone.

Mimi turned so she would be laying on her stomach. "I've been thinking, about what Upid and Jad told us. If we're the Imperials, then that would mean we would have to rule over a country. I don't think I could do that."

"Yes, you could. Everybody loves you. I'm sure the people of whatever country you rule will love you." Tyler stifled a yawn.

"Not everyone loves me. I have enemies, just like you, you know!" she turned over again. She had never slept on a pallet before, which made it quite uncomfortable. "Ugh, how do you sleep on this thing?"

"It's quite easy. You lay down, close your eyes and wait for sleep to come." Tyler chuckled.

"Thanks, but I can't sleep everywhere, like you can." She went silent, finally finding a comfortable position. Minutes later, just as Tyler was falling asleep, she asked, "Why do you hate Michael?"

Groaning, Tyler opened his eyes and looked at her. She was looking right back at him, curiosity in her eyes. "Why do you care? And why won't you let me sleep?"

"I'll keep nagging you until you answer me." Mimi giggled. She liked to deprive him of his sleep.

"You really want to know?"

"Would I keep nagging you if I didn't?"

Sighing, Tyler sat up on his pallet. "Because of him, I don't have any friends."

Mimi sat up, wrapping her blanket around her body to keep warm. "What are you talking about? Sara and I are your friends."

"Well, before I met you two, I didn't have any friends." He ran his fingers through his dark hair. "Michael and I went to the same grade school. We used to be friends until the second grade. One day at lunch, they were selling graham crackers. I bought some and Michael pointed out that I was a graham cracker because my last name is Graham. He urged everyone to call me 'Graham Cracker' and I just went along with it at first, being as gullible as I was when I was young. I had no idea that they were teasing me."

"Well, a weird nickname isn't all that bad." Mimi stated.

"The teasing didn't stop there, though. They started making jokes about me behind my back and teased me about everything I said or did. Altogether, they stopped talking to me. They ignored me but laughed whenever I said something. Michael was at the center of all that teasing, encouraging them to do it. I stopped talking at school and I didn't participate in anything. Sometimes, I just skipped school."

Mimi was silent throughout his whole story. She didn't say anything, so Tyler continued. "Everyone is happy with at least one friend, but no one wanted to be my friend, so I was always sad. I went for nearly five friends without any friends. Then, when we started at a new school, with new people, I thought things would be different. But Michael spread rumors about me throughout the school."

Without saying anything, Mimi got up and sat next to him on his pallet. She wrapped her arms around him and whispered, "I heard some rumors about you. I admit, they were really cruel, but I had no idea it was Michael making them up. Didn't you tell the principal or a counselor?"

"I did, but they didn't believe me. With his father being so popular and his grades so high, everyone believed him when he said he didn't do it. And I got detention for blaming him for something he didn't do." Tyler's fists clenched.

Mimi snuggled closer to him. "That was unfair."

Tyler nodded and then realized that he had been so wrapped up in his story, that he hadn't noticed Mimi hug him. He quickly pulled away from her and said, "But you and Sara are my friends now, so I'm not as mad at him as I used to be."

"Still, that was so cruel. Once we find Michael and Sara, I'll be sure to talk to him about it. I'll even punch him for you!" Mimi said, curling her fists and giving a demonstration by punching the air.

Tyler laughed. "You? Punch Michael? Maybe give him a good verbal beating, but not a physical one!"

"You don't think I could punch him?" she sounded mad.

"No, I don't. You're too girly for that sort of thing." Tyler laid down on his pallet as Mimi crawled back to hers.

Mimi snorted, "I bet I could punch him, if I wanted to…" She realized how tired she was and fell asleep almost as soon as her head fell on the pallet, Tyler's chuckling ringing in her ears.

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