© KwazyKandyPie


Wish upon a star

For a little hope

Add to my belief

Only to get destroyed

So I wish

To be better

So I wish

Not to be envious

Tell me it'll be okay

Tell me it'll be all right

Don't want to be lonely at night

Tell me I'll be okay

Known to be callous

Known to be numb

If you don't care

Then I won't either

Wish for the best

Wish for something nice

Wish to be happy

Wish for everything

Where is that shining star?

The one we both saw?

Don't you remember

The star that night?

The one that glistened

The one that glimmered

The one we shared

But it went away

And never came back

(Author's Note- Originally written sometime from late July to the middle of August. Dedicated to people who have ever wished for something. Have a nice day! :D)