Archer Annie

Universal Harmony


It had been an extensive five years of study for Angela and her friends. She had become close with Carla and even had some free time to hang out with Zeke. During holidays, she was fortunate enough to see her family. She had been surprised to see how quickly her siblings were maturing. But she realized that the Fletcher stock was made out of stout, stern stuff, so it was only natural.

Graduation was a thing of the past now. Yet it had seen like only yesterday that Angela and her friends had graduated from College and now Carla was married to Ezekiel so, she was officially Carla Steinway. What was even more exciting is that she was expecting a child in early Spring, so the happy parents-to-be were shopping around for baby supplies to be prepared for the joyful event. Angela was even chosen to be a Godparent in the case of anything happening to the Steinways. Angela was certain nothing terrible would happen, but she was honored nevertheless. She was anticipating the coming birth, as well as planning for her wedding to her beloved George. So many things were happening that it was hard to keep up with current matters at times. Yet somehow, Angela always managed to continue being fashionably modern and practical at the same time. She wondered what would be coming in the future. She had no anxious feelings about it. Something inside of her, perhaps her ripened sixth sense, had told her…

Though we look through the glass darkly

Unaware of what lies beyond the murky veldt

Although Evil may be lurking, observing, planning, and plotting

The Pure of Heart needn't fear their presence

For Evil has no power over those who are Blessed, even here

Since the Pure of Heart are protected by Benevolence

And the ever-present Eye of the Holy of Holies

Is ever watchful, omniscient, aware of the perfect plot of our Destinies

Do not preoccupy yourself with questions of why

The Holy One will answer you in His way, His time

Good shall always overcome Evil, as it has always been done

Such is the way of the Ultimate Goodness, The Holy One.

Chapter 1—The Vision

It was a few weeks before the wedding was to be held. Angela and George had been planning the year before, and wanted to have a late spring wedding in April. They thought it would be grand, romantic, and stunning. Since the weather couldn't be predicted during the springtime, they had made the wise decision to hold the wedding indoors at their local parsonage. Soon, the date of the wedding had arrived and her nerves were beginning to become quite frazzled. Usually, she was very calm, but this experience was new and unknown to her. So, it was understandable why she felt a little on edge. Her subconscious kept telling her not to preoccupy herself with thoughts of the possibilities of plans going awry. Such a way of thinking would never accomplish anything. With that in mind, she wiped the sweat off of her hands for another night and prepared herself for bed. This would be the final night she would be a single woman. As tradition, all the women that were her friends gathered together to have a 'Bachlorette Party'. Nothing like your usual, rowdy, raucous, and sometimes risqué party, mind you. It was your typical sleepover party. All of the female friends Angela had, whether single or attached, came to wish her well and give her moral support concerning her big day. After watching some funny and sweet romantic comedies, as well as old-fashioned musicals, the women were enervated.

They simply fell onto their sleeping bags and went into a deep sleep, unaware of where they were sleeping, or the hour of the night.

As Angela slept, she had another vision of her Chronon friend Cilia. Cilia had a family of her own now, and they joined her in her dreams. "I heard it's your big day tomorrow, Annie. Congratulations !", Cilia said, smiling and patting Angela's shoulder.

"Thanks, Cilia. I appreciate your enthusiasm. You are a most treasured friend. However, I still have butterflies in my stomach!", Angela confessed. "It's understandable. I felt just like you did when Blake and I were to be married. But, I knew that everything would be fine. My friends were behind me all the way, and my family was supporting me as well.", Cilia said, with a luminescent grin. Angela smiled in return, feeling comfort, consolation and peace with Cilia's rose-petal soft hand grasping hers. "Focus on the here and now, my dear friend. Everything else will fall into place. You'll see.", Cilia said, with a mysterious twinkle in her violet eyes. It was then that the sunlight from reality filtered into the world of the dream. Suddenly, everything began to dissipate. She trusted the words of her wise friend, but she couldn't help wondering what she meant by "everything falling into place". It was a question that would remain in her subconscious mind for the time being. She was certain that, in time, her ponderous inquiry would be answered.

Chapter 2—Angels Watching Over Them

The wedding began with a flourish of classical music from a live band that included some of Angela's close friends from College. Her parents anxiously awaited her arrival down the aisle. They weren't nearly so nervous as George Priest was. He stood in the presence of the Vicar, his best men, female friends, and his family…All under God's watchful eyes. To be honest, it was rather nerve-racking. He nervously wrung his hands, which were covered with sweat. If he didn't know any better, he could swear waterfalls of sweat would come pouring out of his sleeves…just like in the cartoons. But, oddly he felt a sense of calm once the wedding march was played. Somehow he knew all would be well.

Every moment seemed to last for an eternity, especially when the Vicar pronounced the Holy Vows and Angela could finally kiss her beloved newlywed husband. Angela had forgotten the question that had been lingering in her subconscious mind. She was lost in the arms of her precious Prince. He bowed his head to kiss her gently again and stroke her satiny face. Angela blushed lightly and kissed George's lips lovingly in return. The two of them were lost in pure bliss. After the reception ended, the two of them were simply bushed. They were taken home in a white limousine, and once they arrived at their newly bought home, they found their bedroom and collapsed upon the sheets. Without knowing it, they had fallen asleep in their wedding attire. But they didn't really mind. They were far too sleepy to even care.


Angela and George became parents before long, and now the two were sharing dreams. Angela had been having dreams about Cilia ever since she met her. But, now both she and her husband were having the same dream about Cilia. The two newly made parents with their twin sons, Andrew and Allen, spent some time talking with Cilia, her husband Blake and their two daughters and infant son. The children, Betty, Belle and Chance as well as Allen and Andrew were taken by one of the town elders while the old friends talked to one another. "There has been a question on in your subconscious for some time, my dear friend. Although you have forgotten, the subconscious remembers.", Cilia said, rather cryptically. "Profound.", Angela answered, raising a quizzical eyebrow. "Our families will always be Guardians of this Universe. Evil will always be around, and we'll always thwart it.", Cilia said. "That's what I expected, and I am pleased to hear that.", Angela answered, hugging her friend close. Cilia kissed her friend affectionately and laughed. The friends embraced each other, called their children forth and left the dream to greet reality.

In the days to come, Angela had no fear about the future. She knew that she and her family would always uphold the duties of being an Archer. It wasn't something that she didn't mind being a part of. It was a purpose that was Holy, and there was honor in that.

As she remembered her parents saying before, she may not be remembered for what she said, but she would be remembered for what she did. And, that was what really made the ultimate difference.

The End

By: Elizabeth Berndt

January 15, 2003