Note: An infant female is found drifting down the Nile in a duffel bag. No one knows why the tiny, innocent girl was abandoned but a family rescues her before she can suffocate or drown. She is thought to be Nefertiti resurrected since she is so spellbinding. They name her Seshat because they feel an incredible power developing within her. She later grows to be a miraculous seer and quite a Warrior. (Goddess information found at this URL )

Chapter 1—Precious Luggage

It was a sultry summer day in Egypt when a mother and her family went down to the Nile to refresh themselves. The youngest of the family, Dahlia, noticed that there was something suspicious floating down the river. "Mom ! Mom ! Come quickly, and take a look at this !", she called, pointing at the odd object careening in circles down the Nile. The two twin brothers, Abraham and Eslam saw that the object in the river was a navy duffel bag, and it was moving. "We have to get that bag out of the river, quickly !", Abraham shouted, running as fast as he could to follow the duffel bag. He had his fishing rod by his side, and he was the best angler and fisherman in the family. Swinging the rod as swiftly as he could, he cast the rod and the hook darted after the bag. With one stalwart tug, he, Eslam, Dahlia and the mother pulled the bag onto the shore. They unzipped the bag and found a gorgeous female baby inside. Fortunately, the bag had not asphyxiated her. The mother, Danielle, felt that there was something very special about the little girl. The children sensed the very same thing in that instance. They named the young girl Seshat after the Goddess of Books, who was also a priestess. It was fairly obvious that the stunning little lady had innate gifts from the moment she was fished from the Nile.

But, why was she discarded so heartlessly ? The family could not fathom the reasons behind such callousness. The only thing they would have to explain was little Seshat's arrival into their home to their father, Aaron. Aaron was the understanding type, so there were no worries about whether he would accept her or not.

Chapter 2—Seshat's Ability

As Seshat grew more lovely, cunning, quick, and intelligent, her innate psychic ability became stronger and stronger. Even as a young girl, Seshat was precocious in her mannerisms, but she was extremely spirited and enchanting. She grew closer and closer to her true destiny of being a scribe (or back in the day, it was akin to being a Priestess). She sensed that she had not been discarded in the Nile and picked up by her new loving family out of apathy, but for prosperity. Although it had been said that psychics could never see the past or future for themselves, at least she had been able to decipher what had happened to her as a newborn. Her father had been killed in the war effort, and her mother Chloe, had been left to tend to her. Having barely enough money to feed herself and nowhere to go, Chloe set Seshat adrift in the Nile fleeing from the rebel forces that were storming the village. She sacrificed herself in order to let her child live. This saddened Seshat a little because she never got the chance to get to know her birth mother and father, and the blood family that died in accordance to the war effort. However, she knew she would be reunited with them soon someday. Her life would be a relatively short one, since she had vowed to avenge their deaths in the Armed Forces. She wasn't old enough to join yet, but she had been training under the guidance of her mentors. Before long, she would be ready to gird the responsibility of enlightening others as well as fighting for the souls that had suffered for so long under the oppression of a cruel dictator. With perseverance, Seshat hoped that she could turn the government around and cause people to be more aware of reason.

The old phrase, "kill them with kindness" was her motto.

Chapter 3—From the Mouths of Babes

Seshat was only 18 when she was elected as commander of her squadron. She had learned tactics from the ripe age of 5 when her siblings taught her about chess and other games of strategy. Thanks to her guidance, the situation with the government was becoming better and she would soon head the governmental operations. She wasn't expecting this, since she could not predict her own future.

But, she had never imagined that she would be doing so much good for Egypt and would soon be involved with the United Nations. In such a short amount of time, she had embraced her adulthood and come to know what the real world was like. She had even met a man named Richard who became her second father, her mentor and most importantly, the love of her life. Even though he was a couple years older than she was, he remained faithful to her always and promised to marry her when the war was over. It might take a few more years for peace to finally come to the lands that had endured so much tribulation in the past. However, a light could be seen shining in the most obscure shadows.

Seshat was instrumental in the peace talks as she grew older. Many had never thought that she would have the resolve to be a part of the Armed Forces, but she had fought valiantly from the very beginning. She never resolved to violence and many considered her a modern Mahatma Ghandi. Her beauty became more and more entrancing as the years went by, and not even a single wrinkle would upset that. Her true endearing qualities shone through her obsidian eyes and her confidence. She received nothing but respect as she continued to do all she could to help as many people as she possibly could, and she was always a heroine to Egypt.


In time, Richard and Seshat were blissfully married and had two children of their own. The eldest, Daphne, was named after Richard's favorite mythological character. The youngest, was named Aaron after Seshat's father. The turbulence surrounding Egypt had completely died down, and the United Nations had actually begun seeing eye to eye. Seshat never knew how instrumental she would be in causing all of this to happen. Unknowingly she had become a catalyst in making dreams of peace a reality. Although many aspects of the future were unknown, Daphne and Aaron were reassured of a future without fighting or seeing violence in the street. When they were old enough, they would continue to uphold peace for their country and the world. For now, they would be existing in a world that was embracing the policy of platonic love for the first time ever, and truly understanding what it meant to have someone care about you out of compassion. Guns and fatigues had been discarded, and hugs and friendly pecks on the cheek were exchanged more often than hateful words out of anger.

Albeit that to many people Seshat was an avatar, so many knew that she was a normal woman with extraordinary abilities. But, her magnetic personality made her irresistible. She had so many things going for her at this time, even her own television show. However, she had never let the fame and fortune go to her head. From a distance, Seshat's family watched her on TV whenever she was being broadcast nationally. But, they were never far apart, since they visited their daughter and grandchildren almost every weekend. Seshat's adoptive brothers and sisters were also very proud and pleased to see their nephew and niece grow more and more each day. They would always be behind Seshat's revolution, wherever it would take them. And no matter what would occur in the future, Seshat was reassured that the peace would survive because of her children's incredible altruistic ways.

The End

By: Elizabeth Berndt

November 23, 2003