Babe in the Woods


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Scene 1—Hearkening to the Past

In a dense forest setting, there is a large establishment close to the "outside world" where modern aspects abound. But here, simple life still prevails. A brown Bull Mastiff named Oak romps around in the extravagant yard. Shot of the house from the outside and the mystical surroundings of the forest. A middle-aged couple lives in this house, with two children named Meadow and Star. Meadow and Star awaken early and the morning to go and play with Oak. Glenn walks out the front door, stretching and yawning. He joins the children playing with Oak. Florence follows soon after and watches her beloved family with a sparkling, wide grin.

Glenn: (narrating) You're probably wondering how this pretty picture came to be. Well, (laughs) bear with me, because this is the story of my life.

Picture melts into the next frame. A baby wrapped in a bundle is crying alone in the forest. Animals come out curiously to see what could be making that mournful noise.

At first, they are slightly frightened, but they see that an infant human means no harm and is defenseless. They take the child and raise it as their own, naming her Florence after the flower field she was discovered in. She grows to be wise and fluent in animal language, but at seven she becomes curious and heads into the human village, unaware that she will discover a human that will forever change her life.

Glenn: (narrating) Now, at seven years of age, I was your average kid. I was curious and full of energy, ready to tackle the world head on and learn all I could.

My understanding of human life was about to be changed when I encountered Florence.

Young Florence approaches Glenn wearing nothing but a wide grin on her face. Glenn doesn't seem bothered by the fact that she is nude.

Young Glenn: Hello ! My name is Glenn ! Who are you ?

Young Florence: (looks at him, just smiling)

Young Glenn: (confused) What's the matter, can't you speak ?

Young Florence: (grins and giggles, dancing around him)

Young Glenn: You'd better not do that for long before the neighbors come out. Come along, little one. I've got to find you some clothing. (takes her hand gently and leads her inside his house)

Young Florence: (giggling, following him inside of his house)

Ivy: Good heavens, Glenn ! Where did you find this little girl, where are her parents, and why is she not wearing any clothing ? (quickly gets clothing for the little girl)

Young Glenn: (watching his mother dress Florence, who seems happy with the underwear and new dress she has been given) I was walking around the woods, and I found her among a lot of animals and a lovely field of flowers. I think her parents must've left her there, and the animals must've raised her. I already have a name for her. I'll call her Florence.

Young Florence: (squeals when she hears her name)

Ivy: Hmm, you must have ESP, son. She responds to that name quite well.

(They laugh)

(Pete walks in, wondering what all the commotion could be)

Pete: What's this all about, Glenn ?

Young Glenn: I've just made a new friend. Her name is Florence. She doesn't know how to talk, but I think we can teach her.

Ivy: (whispers to Pete)

Pete: (whispers back)

Ivy: Your father and I agree. We will help raise Florence.

Pete: We'll all do it together.

Young Glenn: (nodding)

Scene fades and a new scene comes into view. Just like everyone else in this community, all children attend a local school for education and enlightenment. Glenn and Florence walk to school together in their best clothing, with all of their books, and their lunches at their sides in paper bags.

Glenn: (narrating) I never knew what to expect that first day I took Florence to school but the kids my age were even more fascinated with her than I was. But, that first day of school I'll never forget…

Scene melts…

Scene 2—Near Skirmish Outside of Pleasant Grove School

Ms. Valley: (cheerfully) Good morning, class !

All students: (except Florence) Good morning, Ms. Valley !

Ms. Valley: Most of you know me from the past year, but this year, we have a special guest with us. Isn't that right, Glenn ?

Young Glenn: (nods) (takes Florence's hand and leads her to the front of the classroom) This is my friend, Florence. She doesn't know how to speak yet, but she's very friendly.

Young Florence: (beams a big smile to everyone)

(The children giggle)

Young Rain: Where is she from ?

Young Glenn: She's from the forest.

Young Douglas: (breaks out into laughter)

(Practically everyone is laughing)

Young Adam: A regular wild child !

Young Aurora: Jane of the jungle !

Ms. Valley: Children ! Children please ! Enough !

(The kids stop laughing, and Florence has some tears in her eyes.)

Ms. Valley: (comforting Florence) Don't cry about that, Florence. They don't know any better.

Young Glenn: I'm so sorry ! (is ashamed, and returns to his seat and Florence sits behind him, drying her eyes)

Scene fades… and the words "Ten years later…"

Glenn: (narrating) It took a while for the other children to get used to Florence. After that incident, I was afraid Florence was going to run away, but she didn't. From that very first moment, she stuck to my side. She learned everything quickly, but she was still very much, a child of Nature. Florence and I grew closer together as time went on, but when I discovered that I was falling in love with her, matters changed.

It's recess outside of Pleasant Grove School. Scott has his eyes transfixed on Florence and begins asking her if she will go to the "Spring Dance" with him…

Young Scott: Don't you have a date for the Spring Dance, Florence ?

Young Florence: In fact, Scott, I do.

Young Scott: You do ?! What do you mean ?! (angered)

Young Florence: Don't get yourself worked up, Scott. It's not good to become angered…

Young Scott: (is still visibly upset) (to himself) But, I wanted to take you myself.

Young Florence: Glenn promised he'd take me to the dance.

Young Scott: (clenches his fists) We'll see about that… (walks up to Glenn)

Hey, Glenn ! What's the idea of taking my girl out to the Spring Dance ?

(The teens overhear that something is amiss, and they become interested in it. Most of the guys, except Shepherd, are just as interested in Florence. They vouch for her "hand" in the Spring Dance as well.)

Young Douglas: Who said she was your girl, Scott ?

Young Adam: Yeah !

Young Shepherd: Well, this is just ludicrous. (whispers in Glenn's ear) Are you just going to stand here and accept this ?

Young Glenn: No. They've crossed the line, and now they'll hear about it.

(The guys are arguing, and Glenn yelling "Quiet !" stills the air.)

Young Glenn: Do you think Florence or your girlfriends appreciate this ?

(The boys look mortified) I didn't think so.

(The boys go back to their game. The girls, a little miffed that their guys would choose another girl over them, do not speak to the boys at all.)

Young Florence: That was very brave what you did, Glenn.

Young Glenn: It's my duty to protect you, Florence. You know I care about you.

Young Florence: I know, Glenn. (kisses him on the cheek)

Young Glenn: (laughs erratically)

Glenn: (Narrating) It was that simple display of affection that caused even more of a metamorphosis in my life. Florence and I became closer on that day, even at such a young age. Of course, we went through trials and tribulations like any couple does, but it caused us to grow even closer together. We were always quite the team.

But, one thing we never expected was the modern world…

Scene 3—The Modern World Encroaches

Somehow the outside world has gotten word of this "utopia" and the film crews come without stopping.

Reporter #1: What we have here is a virtually untouched area. It seems that the animals and humans here live in harmony. If we're lucky, we'll see the inhabitants of this primitive place.

Reporter #2: You have to have more respect for this place than that, Quinn !

Reporter #1: Sor-ry, Martha ! Sheesh, don't get your skivvies in a knot !

Reporter #2: Hmmph.

Reporter #3: Come on, let's not bicker like this. We've got a scoop to film.

Reporter #4 & #5: Jim's right.

Reporter #2: Forgive me, guys. (heads onward) Let's get this done !

All reporters: Right !

(Everyone in the village is going about their business until they see camera crews coming in. They are very intrigued by what is going on.)

Ivy: What's all the ruckus ?

Pete: I don't know, but what are those people doing with those strange boxes and furry devices over their heads ?

Ivy: Not sure, but I am not sure I like it.

Reporter #5: Ma'am, could you tell us about this place ?

Ivy: Tell ? What is there to tell ? If you look around, you get a sense of what life is like here. Why are you asking me such odd questions ?

Reporter #5: Odd questions ? We are simply gathering information, Ma'am.

Reporter #4: Trust us. We mean you no harm.

Pete: (gently in Ivy's ear) I believe they are telling the truth, Ivy.

Ivy: (sighs) Very well. This place, we simply call it "home", or "the place given to us by the Mother Creator".

(The children run by, playing a game of tag.)

Reporter #1: And how long has "Mother Nature's Land" existed for you ?

Ivy: (looks at Pete, and Pete shrugs) We aren't really certain.

Pete: It's always been like this, as far back as I can remember.

(Older Glenn and Older Florence run by and see the reporters, media, etc. asking their parents questions and don't feel comfortable about it.)

Older Glenn: Mother, what are these people doing here ?

Ivy: Glenn, don't be so rude ! These nice people are simply asking me about life here and…

Older Florence: But it doesn't seem right. Glenn and I don't think these people mean well.

(The Reporters look at each other in a sort of "mock innocence".)

Reporter #2: Oh, but we do mean well.

Older Glenn: Then why are there so many of you ? Couldn't just one of you have come into our village to do whatever it is you are doing ?

Reporter #5: (muttering) Crud, he's got us there, Lee.

Reporter #2: Well, erm, um…The fact of the matter is, uh…

Reporter #4: Let's just beat it !

(The Reporters, media, etc, leave the premises)

Ivy: Really ! Now what was that all about, Glenn ? You really must be more accommodating !

Older Glenn: Mother, didn't you notice how strangely those strangers were acting ? It was as if they wanted something from us. I didn't feel safe around them.

Older Florence: Yes, Mother, don't be so upset at Glenn. Like me, I can sense when someone doesn't mean well. Those people were greedy, but luckily, Glenn's questions made them think twice and leave our way of life alone.

Ivy: I'm so sorry I yelled at you, Glenn. Please forgive me. (hugs him closely and kisses him)

Older Glenn: Don't worry, Mother. I forgive you. You didn't know.

Pete: We were enlightened because of you two. Thank you.

Older Glenn: Oh, Father… Stop it ! (laughs)

(Florence laughs as well)

(The Talbot family return to their humble abode for dinner, smiling and laughing.

They enjoy dinner after saying grace. They sing songs together and dance, playing the piano, violin, and the trumpet.)

Scene fades…

Glenn: (narrating) Those reporters never returned to what is now known as "Nature's Bounty". Our way of life hasn't changed much since back then. We have jobs like anyone else, but we don't use a capital exchange unit. Instead, we trade and haggle for the best deal. It is simple, pure, and a wonderful existence.

Melt scene to present day…

Scene 5—Coexisting with the Outside World

Some of the aspects of the modern world have come into play within "Nature's Bounty" such as TVs, computers and the like. But the people are still enjoying the benefits of living in harmony with nature, and Florence can still communicate with the animals that brought her life.

Glenn: (narrating) This is how it is now. I later married my sweetheart Florence after finding a trade in Nature's Bounty and I even ventured into the outside world some. Florence, of course, went with me. But, she always felt more at home here.

And I can see why. Our children, Meadow and Star are growing more beautiful every day. They benefit from life here as well as life from the outside. Everyone I knew in the past can say the very same in confidence. Even my parents, who are very active members of our family circle, are important to keeping our culture alive. Although changes may be occurring, we adjust and adapt. We only hope that as we continue thriving, others can learn that coexistence with the essence that granted you Life is the one true way of Happiness and Peace.

One last shot of Mother Nature's Bounty with the outside world mingling with it harmoniously. "The End" in French Script appears.

Roll Credits.

The end theme, "Love is Only Natural" plays.

Verse 1

Isn't it funny how odd love can be ?

It comes so suddenly and unexpectedly

But from the moment you meet her eyes

You want to make this lady

A part of your life


Love is only natural

We see it every day

Though it may seem illogical

Life's more complete that way

Verse 2

From the very start, you feel something strange

It wasn't always this way

So why the sudden change ?

Yet you realize you want to know him

What makes him so unique

You've fallen for him even before

The two of you would speak


2X's until fade

By: Elizabeth Berndt

February 1, 2004