Vital Alliances, Chapter 3

Quelling the Beast I will live from afar

On the road to destiny

Gold to be won;

To seek glory is a flame, which burns within

Let us go, onward to victory

On to victory

Glory, glory, glory !

To run in the wind

To live the dream

Victorious men !

Resplendent Angels !

To make history is a flame, which burns within

Magnificent heart !

Make a miracle for us

Magnificent heart !

A miracle !

--Translation of song Vittoria from Latin to English

Chapter 1—Drums of Battle
From the depths of Farina, there was a sound of which no explanation could be made. It was an unearthly rumble, followed by growling, howling, and guttural snarling. From the bowels of the earth came an ominous being dripping in molten rock and reeking of death. The Underground had not even considered the force they had unleashed, for the Growlnak was not obedient, much to their dismay. As soon as it had completely awakened, it had intentions of revenge upon whatever it lay eyes upon. And, being enormously hungry and gargantuan in size, it would have to feast perhaps for days, maybe even weeks to satisfy its' monstrous appetite. Unfortunately, the Underground would be the first to unwillingly sacrifice their lives for the beast they tried so hard to summon. But such was the way of evil. Evil consumes evil, and the more powerful demon searches for more things it can devour.
Lance had been released from his Bastille. He rejoined his love Lana and the Bohemians were already on the move to defeat the now resurrected Growlnack. Of course, everyone knew who the Underground was, and their existence was no longer a mystery to the people of Enguarde. In fact, those who had been warring with each other had decided to join together, even if it was for one battle against the horrid creature that had been brought back from its Hadean chamber. One by one, it continued to devour the members of the Underground, but their leader, Undine escaped the rampage and watched the carnage from a safe place, but little did he realize that a group of peasants would capture him and interrogate him. Undine's "perfect world" was nothing more than a ruined scheme.
Chapter 2—Love Endures All Things
Although the Growlnack had broken its way through forests and small villages, the people were using all the power they had to repress it. However, the ultimate white magic of the Crown had to be used in order for the Growlnack to be defeated. This was not a problem at all, considering the fact that Lance had rejoined the Bohemians and the Enguarde family was part of the Bohemian movement. Marshall had come to realize just how integral the peasants were in his rule, and the stability of the realm. Without them, the planet would have no life force, and definitely no diversity.
Albeit that everything was coming to some closure, there was still upheaval in the Le Grande castle. Rachel was astonished, but more embittered that her daughter Delilah would have the gall to marry a jester. To make matters worse, the elder elves that lived in the sacred forests were going to commemorate the sacred occasion. Rachel was infuriated. She didn't exactly like elves, or magical creatures. Rachel had enough problems with Delilah's token griffin, Gavin. Reginald was very concerned for his wife's well being. He had never seen her in such a state before, but he knew if he had a long conversation with her that she would snap out of her madness. It would take some time, but Rachel had to come to grips with her true self and stop being so selfish.
After speaking to Rachel for hours on end, Reginald broke down the barrier of insanity surrounding her. She knew that what had begun as a union for nothing more than political gain was not at all what marriage was about. The marriage between Delilah and Dobbs was a true example of a match made in heaven. Rachel even requested that a coach and footmen would deliver her to the sacred forest to witness the marriage of her daughter. Hopefully, Delilah would see her mother from the corner of her eye and know that she approved of the sacred ceremony. Somehow Rachel had a feeling that her daughter already knew that her mother had given her permission to be happy. After all, it was only fair and just to do so, and what was romance was nothing without love.
Unfortunately, the marriage ceremony was cut short because the Bohemians had arrived with a special request. They could not fight the rampaging Growlnack alone with just the white Magic of the Enguarde family. They also needed the help of the mystical creatures and the Le Grande family to defeat such a formidable foe.

To be continued… In the last and final chapter of Vital Alliances (appropriately labeled Closure), the final battle between the inhabitants of Enguarde and the Growlnack has begun. Hopefully this beast will be able to be defeated, since the planet has already suffered plenty under its reign of terror and destruction. The villain, Undine, has been placed in prison for life with no possibility for parole there is no threat of a being like the Growlnack to be resurrected again. And to make life easier, the beast has been put to permanent rest. The wedding of Dobbs and Delilah is continued, and is even joined with another blessing. Lance, Lana and Dobbs and Delilah are being married when all fighting has ceased. Plus, the land that has been ravaged is showing signs of rebirth. It looks like indeed, love prevails as well as teamwork and friendship.
By: Elizabeth Berndt December 30, 2003