Can anybody help me
Heal this open wound?
The blood flows so freely,
And no matter how hard I try,
No bandage can stop the flow,
No doctor can assist,
And no amputation will suffice.
I surely shall bleed 'til I'm dry.

Can anybody help me
Ease my aching head?
The throbbing persists so diligently,
And no matter what I do,
Nonarcotic can kill my pain,
No amount of sleep can ease the tension,
And no one can stop the ringing in my ears.
It surely shall ache 'til I pass out.

Can anybody help me
Fix this broken heart?
The guilt haunts me in my sleep,
And no matter how I pray,
No amount of blood can bleed me dry,
No amount of pain can knock me out,
And no one can replace what once existed.
Can somebody help me escape?