Ok….. first chapter…… this sets the mood for the rest I guess…. It takes place as the memories hit me so…. It cood me a bit confusing ill try to lable it best I can since its kinda the intro ish thing it sucks reelie bad…. But read it because its good after that then

for brothers and one girl
ian,18 lives with father bio.bro
dan,15/16 stepbrother lives in joint custody
Mollie(meeeee!!)15 goes whenever she is too bord
Matthew 14stepbrother joint custody
zack 11 (he will always be 9 to me)stepbrother joint custody

sixth grade, front driveway
to at the time mollies mother and stepfathers house,
all 3 of mollies stepbrothers were at their mothers house, and so Mollie was left to amuse herself. Oldest stepbrother. Daniel had been teaching her to skateboard so she thought shed praktis and lisen to a cd. She blindly grabed one from her brothers biro. as she was skating she herd it for the first time rancid cash culture and violence………..

7th grade Terrill mittle school german class mollie is late again as is ½ the class
german teacher takes mollie out of the room
"you are showing no respect for the rools!"teacher yells
mollie stairs blankly
"you cant do this!!! Do you know who I am?!?!"
"yes mam"
"yes mam"
"yes mam"

"Yes frau" fights shitting pants with laughter frau thinks she is crying
"ooo sweet hart I know its hard but you just cant be late so many times that adds up to valuable class time! you need all the German you can get and you do rely good in class work but recently it seems as if you are not trying at all!"
"may I go to the bathroom?"
"yes youd better go clen up"

summer 2004
Mollie meats first serious boyfriend one that is not just a kiss and tell…. Continues to go out, thrugh the 8th grade enduring minor breakups and disagreements. Break up permanently, because of mollies over-punk attitude (refused to be controlled by anyone, ever) continues to become way too cool for her own good…picks up smoking drinking drugs and mutch more…. Then desides to shave off all her butyful black hair, leaving one strip, a tall spiked Mohawk and long bangs feeling bad ass she sleeps till 12 30 befor getting dressed in her favorite black dikes micro-miny black leather knee-high combat boots and her ripped-up sewn back together anti-flag band T. she signs into the office and proceeds to ditch class in the bathroom smoking and having fun.

school-year 2005 (still 8th grade)
"sorry?! Your not sorry you little bitch!"
"yes mother"
"o don't fucking use that tone with me you little slut!"
"bullshit! Go! Just go I don't want to look at you!"

"bye mom"
at that she proceeds to leave the house and staple signs saying "have a nice day" because it was just a feeling of accomplishment to think that people wood see the signs and not know, that it was little Mollie Gardner positing them….

mollies mother was/is an alcoholic, twice divorced first husband, John Gardner Jesus freak pompous prick (mollies dad) who remarried, too mollies stepmother Jackie burns, who had a daughter Stephanie Kelly, alcoholic druggy, mollie was 12 when she decided her little sister needed to "try this" mollies mother's 2nd husbend did not last long at all, it was 5 years into the Margie that he lost his job and became a bartender by night mr.mom by day. Her 3 sons and mollie got along like brothers and sistewrs do. Love. The oldest Daniel alwase helped with little projects, even if he was the oldest and a bully he loved his siblings. Matthew was willing to play any game, aslong as it was fair. If it wasent he wood try to even it out or he wood not play anymore. Zack the youngers was a tughf little fuck, once one of his friends was playing with all of us so we had a pillow fugh and his friend got hit in the eye, and cried. So zack screams "hit me in the eye!!! Hit me in the eye five time's" wile sticking out his face and trying to keep his eye wide open as Daniel smashed the pillow on his face. When ever Mollie was sitting and reading, or on the phone or something peaceful and quiet, zack or Mathew wood throw a willow at her or call her a name. Provoking her she would always jump up screaming "you little shit monkey" or "you rat ass stink frog" random… and when she caught them she wood pin them down and tickle them till they said "you Mollie are the queen goddess moste butieful wonderful smart sister I might ever dream of" wile Daniel laughed and continued playing videogame's. daniell alwase had something he could help you with. He knew about music, game's, school, anything. Wile all the kids wer happy, mollies mother was not at all pleased with her husband (Dominick) or his kids (she still refers to Matthew as a "little shit")

so kiddys tell me if you think i shood right a story based on thati swair it wood have a difrient format!

love to hate