Once I caught up to her my fingers tangled in her hair, and I smashed her against the brick wall. I heard her scream, and she began to cry. I turned her and smacked her, sending the girl to the ground.

"Why are you doing this?!" She cried, curling into a ball on the ground. She seemed to be afraid to look at me. We'll have to change that soon.

Wordlessly I took her by the hair, dragging her with a whimper to stand against the dirty wall. I took the time to look at her pretty face. Tears streamed down her cheeks, one cheek was scraped badly, and I suspect her nose to be broken. She struggled once more, so I took her head against the wall again. She slumped, but kept crying.

"Please… Don't… M-my daughter…"

She let out a gasp of pain as I dug my knee into her stomach.

"Three simple rules," I told her, my voice raspy, "One: I don't care. This is between you and I, not your family. Two: Anything you say will fall on deaf ears. I don't like words. Three:-" I smirk, looking straight into her puffy, blue eyes- "Scream. I want you to scream for me, and don't stop until… Well, until you die, really. Now, enough chit chat, eh? How about I get to the real fun…" I heard her give a gasp at the knife I held in my hand.

The girl turned out to be a good little victim. She stood against the wall as I stripped her clothes, the tip of my knife slicing through her shirt and skirt. She obediently whimpered as I carved lines into her arm, just nicking the skin to draw blood. Oh, but the best part, the highlight of my night, was when I drew the knife back, and plunged it into her stomach, the blade sinking in until the handle. She gave a scream, one so piercing and loud, my eardrums throbbed and I laughed. It was music to my ears.

"Very good!" I said through my laughter as her voice gave away. "Very good, girl. That was beautiful." As a treat I gave the knife, still inside of her, a twist, earning nothing more than a weak cry.

"Why?" It was barely there, a breath of a word, but I heard it. Angrily I took her by the chin, wrenching her head so I could look her in the eye.

"Why?" I shouted into her face. She cringed, and I lowered my voice. "Why? Why? Why shouldn't I, hm? Why shouldn't I do this?" I took the knife from her, and in one swift motion, dug it into her again. She cried out again. "Look at me," I demanded. She stayed, half hunched over, eyes to the ground. "Look at me." I cupped her cheek, gently raising her eyes to my own. She was almost gone. "I want your last vision to be of the one you deceived, the one that you broke the heart of. The one you drove to this. I want to be the one you last see." I gave one more swift jab of my knife, and as her eyes widened, I knew I'd finished her. I let the girl drop to the ground, lifeless, and laughed down at her.

I don't know how long I stood there, or what was happening. I was in a state of complete bliss and barely heard as someone shouted at me. I barely felt as the bullets entered my body. I closed my eyes with a small smile on my face as I fell to the ground, dead before I hit.