Stupid Things

Written May 2, 2005

Everey1's dun stoopit thingz in there lifes,

& i am no ecsepshun 2 dat rool.

U noe wut it's like to hav mentul divez,

Or 2 say sumthin u wish u didnt in skool.

Chooed tin foiul or put on pants backword,

Bited ur tong or put the car in revurs and tried 2 go 4word.

Droppd a plait or steped in a garbuj can,

Or evun wurst, tuched a red-hot frieing pan.

Chippd a tooth on the siedwok,

Than swalloed it when u were in shoc.

Trippd & fell wile on a chare,

And then got gum stuc in ur hare.

Lost control ov the raiser wile shaveing,

And drove it thru ur hare and startd raveing.

Broke ur foot on the bathtob lej,

Then fell in2 ur nayber's prikli hej.

Yeah, everey1's dun stoopit thingz

Lik intenshunally misspelling wordz 4 an Inglush teecher

Wate, u say u havent? Crasy.

Mebbe its juss me.