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The Lost City

"Ok lemme start. Ouch don't push me. AHHH -CRASH-".

"Oh honey, are you alright? I'm so sorry, here let me help you up.".

"No thanks, I would like to save my dignity. Thank you very much.".

"Mama, can we listen to the story yet?" Matt, the youngest of my four children said.

"Oh of course, I am so sorry. Someone pushed me off my chair." I said, glaring at my husband.

"I did not! You fell off the chair. Kaylie, did you see daddy push mommy of the chair?" he asked our second youngest daughter.

"Yes." Kaylie said slyly with a big grin on her face.

"Attagirl Kaylie." I said, winking at her. I laughed at my husband's poor imitation of a pout. "Ok, ok lets keep the story going. There once-".

"Hey I thought I was going fir-." my husband protested but was abruptly stopped by the glares that were given to him throughout the room.

"Haha, this is where you get your glares children. Believe it or not but your father once was the coldest man alive, or so I thought. He used to glare at me like it was I who let hell break loose. Oh my, it used to scare the wits out of me." I laughed, still not believing that the man back then was now my husband.

"No way, we got it from you momma. You glare at dad the most." Daniel, my oldest son at fifteen, said.

"Well you sure can believe it." I said and recieved a glare from my husband.

"Mom can we hear the story yet? I've been waiting forever." said my second oldest daughter, Stephanie. She was thirteen, while Kaylie was seven and Matt was five. And I loved them all dearly.

"How did you two meet?" Kaylie blurted out.

"Oh, that is a funny thing. You do know that your grandpop doesn't like mama that much? Well back then my adopted father or your grandpop had arranged a marriage for me and a duke from Parsloting and well, it started from there....".


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