Was feeding in amongst the ashes of life and found myself dying

The ashes were mingled with shards and bits of broken bone

Once joy on a high ridge

Till through a valley that knows too well death's shadows

When joy to sorrow turned and streams of gentle rivers bending

Turned to river beds dried up so that not even a trickle of water did flow

That's how you left me to fend on my own

No water, no food, stripped almost bare and oh so longing

Imprisoned in shackles unseen

Held in a bondage

Locked into impoverished living

Did I say living… ah my mistake

My mistake for it was a dying rather that locked was I into

As I continued to feed in amongst the ashes of life

So hungry, so starved

And then it was upon a manna I did come

The kind that feeds the inner spirit

That sustains and satisfies

When body mind soul and spirit comes back into the land of the living

The heart rejoices

Peace is felt in the valley where once dark shadows of death did linger

Refreshing gentle rain drops fall

Filling riverbeds and streams