Whispering words of empty meaning
He kisses her hallow lips so gently
Chapped from hugging wind's embrace
As chilling as the breeze of middle winter

Her soft arms wrapped around his neck
Nuzzling into him for comfort and pleasure
But he feels neither when he's near her
Drifting like the snow banks while she melts

"I love you," she echos into his throat
And he instantly returns the false words
Wondering why he even bothers anymore
As his ring glints like his skin and snow

"I'm tired," he speaks the first true words in days
Looking down and his pointless lover with a sigh
She gives a groan of irritation and releases
He places a hand on her shoulder, rubbing weakly

"Maybe tomorrow," he suggests without meaning
Resorting to his common practice lying
She gives him a kiss and turns out the light
He stares into the darkness, dreaming of it's eternity

A/N: Yay for another Iha poem? I was thinking of him when I wrote this. Yay for my Iha.