A/N: So this is a poem that you shouldn't give me credit for. It's about a person you love dying of cancer but I wrote it based on what my English professor told us today about a personal experience so must of the credit goes to him, but if you want to review, it would be lovely :D



The world would collapse in an instant

Let's say one September 11

And the entire world would fight against terrorism

And I would face my own demons.

My mini Bin-Laden lies tight to a bed

Cancer is just another way

To turn all the veins into a vivid red

I watch through a corner in pain

How this time the dead's train takes her away.

Dust in the world

Just like dust in her bones

But I can't go through this alone.

I'm losing faith as she holds a rosary in her hands,

Praying to be taken to some paradisiacal lands.

Angels touching her shoulder

Darkness consuming like thunder

God's kissing her forehead,

Finally taking to dead.

And still I question myself;

Will religion ease my pain as well?