I'm just not sure anymore

About what to do,

These thoughts in my head –

Never ceasing.

They whirl around,

Ferociously wild,

Never stopping to let me


And then there's the images

Brought to my mind

Of dances and dresses and many things kind.

All lies, all lies,

Too many lies for this girl,

So I hide and turn far away.

But they never finish,

Never have an end,

And I'm stuck clutching my head in bare pain,

And no matter how much I wish

"Go away! Go away!"

These thoughts continue to persist,

Until I know not what is real,

Not what is good

Or bad

Or right

Or wrong


So I scream,

Let the blood pour

And rush in to make my head pount

Until suddenly there is not a sound

And I know that my brain is once more

Empty of me.