I'm not as happy with the finished result as I was with the pieces of it.


Is what you see
what you get?
Just because I kiss girls
don't assume I'm a lesbian,
just because I fuck boys
don't assume I'm straight,
just because you see me
don't assume you know me.
Nothing is that clear-cut,
no one is one sided.
Cookie cutter people
are a Right Wing dream,
the twisted fantasy in black and white.
Reality is in colour,
streaks of a rainbow,
all different shapes.
I am not
what you want me to be,
what you're comfortable with.
I am me.

Is what you think
the only truth?
Just because I say no
don't assume I'm frigid,
just because I'm closeted
don't assume I'm ashamed,
just because you label me
don't assume you know me.
The only label I know
is the one I create,
I will not
wear your brand,
I will not
be cast in your ideal.
People are well rounded, real
in the layers of a life, reality.

Is what you were told
what is real?
Just because I'm me
don't assume I'm you,
just because I'm different,
don't assume we're not alike,
just because you hate me
don't assume you know me.
All people are different
and because it the same.
But the key,
is to embrace the distinction.

Don't believe
all you read,
don't buy
all that is sold,
be careful of lies.
Learn the life lesson;
think for yourself,
and assume nothing.