DEW upon the rich black soil, ah such sweet refreshment. The dew glistening drops of moisture wet and chilling to the touch, the dew of morning that lingers after the night has given way to a dawn that will be contained or restrained no longer. The dew like teardrops, God were you crying in the night....??

ENRICHMENT is found in many forms. I had always thot that classes of the title would give me so much, so much meaning, little did I know in my Youth that enrichment that nourishes the soul comes from trials overcome. Little did I know that in order to grow I must first like a seed planted deep, deep into the soil, that I too must loose my protective covering, that shell of myself. That to grow, death first must touch my life.

ANCHOR must I my roots as I search ever, the roots of my life going deep, sustaining me, while the new tender shoots strive to break forth from the shell unfolded. Ah but the struggle is only just begun for new little growth has far to go...and the chances for survival may be nil at best...still I strive for the warmth that is out of sight, all I feel is the soil about me and then what, what is this but a teardrop I am feeling for morning has broke and the teardrops of the heavens do I drink my fill.

TRANSFORMATION continues for from seed to shell encased broken and left behind in order to reach forth for another life than that which I have known thus far, I find a continual change taking place, transformed in the moments, the days, the seasons in passing. What is this an outshoot of a leaf or two, hmmm wings I got! Don't they sway so when the gusts of mighty winds doth blow.

HERE, come over here I beckon you speaks forth the scented petals of the floral in bloom. My time is limited for this too is just a stage that soon a memory will be, a passing will soon give me to change, to transform once again but for now will you drink of my loveliness, touch won't you my petals and recognize that trials many brought me here, that death I have tasted and here I am for just a little while...The petals sway in the moonlit breezes and then tear drops as it were to the soil giving nourishment. A bird in flight drops some seeds from its beak and they find a nitch into the rich black soil. In the morning the teardrops linger and life begins anew.