Walking along the Seashore
Seagulls soaring overhead
Bare feet feeling the sandy shore
Getting wet and splashing in the waves
Came upon some rocks
Smooth polished by the waves
One beckons to me to pick it up
And give it a toss across the waters great
The rock goes skip-skip-skip
Before plunging into the depths so deep
Then it is the ripples circling
That can be noticed
Going outward
Repeating over and over again
These circular ripples
Picking up the golden hues as sun is setting
Soon night comes on
The moon comes out
Continue to walk the sandy shore do I
When every once in awhile a rock calls out
Pick me up and toss me far
The ripples continue on in deepest night unseen
Yet their circular rings rippling
Can be heard harmonizing with
The washing of the waves to the shore
Then it is I sit upon the banks of the shore
Waiting on a new morn arising
Lap-lap-lap is the sound of the waves
Cooling is air of night
A sweater pulled a little closer
And I am given to think
How it is that times in life
There are when those few persons stand out
In our lives
As those rocks that call out
Somehow they are the ones we hold not onto
Rather toss them out
Across the waves of daily living
The ripples many
Are like the after affects of having
Held the rocks so brief and then letting go
And in the process gaining more
Learning more
Experiencing more
Like all the many formed ripples
Ahh sweet the pleasures of walking
The sandy shores of the waters great.

The New Morn a Rising has came into being
Seagulls walk the shore of a new day with me
Driftwood washes to the shoreline
With grooves of the wood sand filled
And atop the sandied grooves can be found...
It seems to me that they, the Ladybugs
Are soaking up the warming sun as well as I
Then in moments passing
I find a thirst so powerful
My ears hear running water
And my feet make haste towards the beaconing
Sound of the tumbling water
Ahh! a flowing well of water that never runs dry
So bitter cold the water as it splashes my feet
Thirst has been quenched
As into the flow I lower my face
Totally refreshed
But now I find I hunger
The shoreline is so close to the wilderness
And wilderness means...
The freshest of fruits
Mmmmmmm the strawberries never tasted better
Still warm they are from sunshine ripening
Day is long and the sun grows hotter
Noontime finds me in the thickets of the Woodlands
A path barely at all and yet venture forth
Is the call that can be heard within my spirit
The trees cast their comforting shade
The walk seems endless
But alas!
To the base of the Mountain tops I've traveled
The climb begins
Hill is steep.... and
Midway up I find I've left
The comfort of the shade
For base of Mountain was in amongst the Woodlands
Yet now midway up the Mountain
Sun can be felt
As coming into the day away from the deep shade
Atop Mountain Heights and surrounded by Pine
Mmmm sweet the scent of Trees of Pine
So hot and so worn
Crumble to the ground and find sweet rest
The Mountain Top so lost and lonely
A perfect spot.... for lovers hid away
Lost in love

It is on the Mountain Heights Top
Crumbled to the ground
The sod beneath my body, my face
So warm indeed
It seems too also be alive with such life
I hear some nearby insects
Yet bother me not do they
For on with their own affairs go they
I pant for so tired am I
It seems as I breathe
I become one with the earth,
The Mountain
I want never to leave
Rest takes hold of me and I snooze
Then! What?
I feel a roughened tongue on my head
I hear panting that is not from within
Do I dare peer about me?
There it is... again
That sniffing about my head
I barely move
Just a brief glance
Maybe it is all some bad dream
Oh my!
I can't believe this
For in this all alone, way out of the way place
I have been found...
By the neighbor's dog smile
(They cal him "King" but I call him "Spotty")
So Spotty, how goes with you?
My thots are always,
Why would anyone call you King
For you are so floppy and rubbery of sorts
With black spots on your fur of white
You wag your tail, you pounce on me
Then sit by my side
So torn I feel
For here it is I desire to remain forever
So seemingly lost and yet so very found
Lost to the world and it's cares
Found to the realization of what brings to me joy
Crumbled to the sod of the Mountain Top
I can be found resting as I
Choose to stay "lost" for awhile longer
Ahh sweet fresh Mountain air

Life Flows on.