Never Only One


Death never just hurts only one,
At the end, when it's all said and done
It affects us all someway,
Leaving us not knowing what to say

Friends cry for the loss they feel,
Not willing to believe this is real
They don't know why this took place
And now they can't look you in the face

Somehow they should have known
About just how depressed you had grown,
Yet they went on believing you were okay
Not knowing that they'd lost you day by day

And now you're gone, and they're here
So young and innocent, facing this great fear
You've left them sad, feeling lost and alone,
Knowing that a friend won't ever be coming back home

Maybe if they had taken heed
Of you in your hour of need…
But now it's too late,
You've already succumbed to fate

Family stands lost and numb,
Too early this day for them had come
Their child was ripped away so fast,
All that's left now is remembrance of the past

They never knew how you felt
And so it was a cruel hand Fate had dealt
That they must face this day right now
Leaving them all asking the question 'How?'

Had they known what was going on,
Maybe they could've helped you stay strong,
But they didn't understand, they didn't know
Just how horribly wrong for you it did go

So now they stand with heads bowed
Confused and hurt in the ceaseless crowd
Dealing with the loss they were handed,
Somehow it's left them all lost; stranded

Your 'other half' stands in shame,
Upon their shoulders falls the blame
So many things had been left unsaid,
Too late to turn back, this they dread

So much that needed said and done
Yet, time failed as the hourglass did run
Down the hours you had shared,
All this because you felt no one cared

To them it's not fair nor is itright,
Yet you had long since given up the fight
Why you did it, they nor anyone knew,
But they knew all the times were through

Now you've left them sad and alone,
Naught to remember you but a name carved in stone
All the times between you had come to an end,
They suffer now twice, having lost a lover and friend

So please heed me and think before you act,
For the words I speak are undeniable fact
Whatever your reasons for wanting to let go,
Before it's too late, I want you to know

Life is precious and a indeed a great gift,
Even though through troubles you will sift
Life is hard, yes, but please understand
You should not give into death's demand

At times people will hurt you, of that there's no doubt
But don't seek retribution and seek to strike out
At yourself for revenge, just continue to fight
Because two wrongs never make a right

As I've stated please think before you act,
What I say is still an undeniable fact
In the end when all's said and done
Death never just hurts only one



Shiruba-Kitsune ::Lisa Kantenseter::