Seven Deadly Sins

Pride all sins arise from.
Vanity in ones own gift.
Grace of god forgotten to all.
Ones own pride was superior to all.
Believe in yourself is what you were told.
You believed too much and never redeemed your soul.
You will be broken on the wheel of fire.
Pride will be your last desire.
As violet will be the colour of hells fire.

Envy is desire for others gifts.
For these, this is your only wish.
Better than you others seem.
Luckier, smarter, prettier you deem.
Never happy with what you have,
Always wanted more, but never has.
Freeze in water is the punishment for you,
Like a dog you will freeze in hells ice.
Green like jealousy, nothing for you will suffice.

Gluttony, you consumes more than one requires.
Never stop, keep on forever, until you have everything you desire.
Always ignored and displaced as a child.
Everything you need is improperly filed.
Like a pig, smart but its all about you,
Consume everything that's all you do.
Forced fed rats, toads and snakes is something for you,
In hell this is the gluttonous punishment for you.
Orange is your colour and consume everything is what you do.

Lust pleasure of the body is what you like.
Done for the bliss and the sexual need.
No one can stop your lustful plead.
Sexual desire is something you can't stop.
Every time you have it your insides pop.
Flirt and entice is what you always do,
But smothered in fire and brimstone is the punishment for you.
You cannot flirt your way out of hells precious fire.
No longer a cow out in the blue sky, you'll be below on a pyre.

Anger you spurn love and desires fury,
Your deadly wrath you never forgive.
Heated arguments and painful cries,
At your hand everyone must die.
Wired for this deadly sin,
Dismembered at the hands of the devils kin.
Hot headed your temperature has risen,
Red is all you see and your not forgiving.
Like a bear you charge, killing everybody living.

Greed you desire material wealth or gain,
Having nothing is such a pain,
More and more is what you get,
So much better you think then the rest.
Pampered and an indulgence life is what you live,
Never to the homeless you would give.
Boiled alive is the punishment for you.
Like a frog you won't know what to do.
The yellow sun will no longer shine on you.

Sloth you avoid physical and spiritual work.
Absolutely nothing will make you exert.
Shiftless are your aims to life,
Lazy and out played is your strife.
Good for nothing is what you are,
Never do anything is your par.
Hells snake pits will raise your bar.
Associated to the goat you may be,
Light blue is your colour but laziness is your fee.

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