Street lamps blinked on and off in the thick darkness, and children slept, each small head filled with timy, unimportant dreams. Lover's loved, whild old ones lay, whithering away in their beds. Some, single and alone, waiting to be held, watched the street lamps shudder, and shivered in loneliness.

One girl, walking along the shallow street, giggled in the darkness, and those who heard her went back inside, into the warmth and brightness that singles out 'home'. The girl continued down the street, and walked on into the darkness.

Inside her house, the same girl was not 'home', merely inside her family's house. She sat at the table, her head laying against the wood. The lights inside the old dark house flickered as the street lamps flickered, and the girl grinned. Her sinister, bright hazel eyes sunk into her face in the darkness, and her ruby red lips stood out in a laugh, showing off straight white teeth. Long brown hair, plain and dirty, flowed roughly down her shoulders and back, past her pale face.

A breeze ran through the house, freezing in temperature, making the little girl-child upstairs quiver and pull up her covers. The blinds over the windows moved seeming of their own accord, and things began to shift about.

Inside, the girl began to laugh, first quietly, then louder, as if forced. Things began to creep in the corner of her eyes, and door opened and closed in the old house. Lights turned on and off, and soon, children were screaming at the dark in fear. Creatures stirred from under beds and behind dark corners, and the street shifted as one, restlessly.

Air breathed heavily in whispers throughout the houses on that deadened street, and the twon heaved. Children shot up in bed screaming, adults shudderend and woke, and the old ones panted and their hearts thumped in the inky night.

And inside, the girl, tears streaming down her face as she laughed, screamed just as loud as the girl upstairs had.

It had come for her, and she had gone down with a fight.

She woke up with a start and a solid scream, and whimpered when no one came. Where was sis when she needed her? Where was sis? She tiptoed down the stairs and blinked, annoyed, as the hallway light flickered off after she flicked it on. She hated this old house with a passion, but mum and dad said it was for the better.

She wished mum was here right now. Mum would comfort her, better than sis ever could. But mum and dad were at a conference tonight, and no one was home but sis and herself.


She approached the dining room, and shuddered as something, no doubt imaginary, brushed past her. She bumped into something, and blinked back tears as a throb in her side became apparent. And was that her ever-alive imagination, or had claws just raked against her arm?

Shaking it off, she continued on. "It's all my imagination," she muttered.

She entered the bitch black dining room and nearly slipped in a puddle of something sticky and gooey. "Ickā€¦ Sis?" She flicked on the light.

And screamed.

Lying on the dining room table was sis. Lying a pool of crimson was sis. Eyes white, glazed over and innocently wide open stared back at her, and sis was giggling in her sleep.

Sis was giggling at her.

She glanced down and realized rather detatchedly that something had obviously brushed past her, because claw marks were bleeding freely on her arm.

Opening her mouth to scream seemed to take forever. And then no one heard her. She screamed and cried, but no one heard her, the whole town was busy screaming too. Everyone was too busy screaming at laughing Sis. Stupid sis, stupid sis. She screamed louder, but dared not rush past the laughing body to the phone. Stupid sis!

"Stupid sis," she muttered, and sat down in the puddle at her feet, listening to her sister laugh away. It was a sickening laugh, filled with raped pain, anger, and hurt. Malice and injustice, cruelty and sadistic pleasure filled her ears, and she curled tighter into herself. And behind her, though she dared not turn her head to stare, stood the creature who had done this, claws at the ready should she dare look at him. He was laughing along with sis, and finally, she gave in, and joined.