It woke him up, the thump thump of his heart. It woke him up, the little drip of sweat tingling off the tip of his nose.

It woke him up and scared him, the harsh breaths that came, panting out of his mouth like he was on some accelerating drug.

But no, it was no drug, just the rush of adrenaline, just the pumping of blood though his veins, just the humanity in motion, swirling about him as he snapped open brilliant green eyes.

What was it?

Was it a nightmare, a thought, a dream, a sound? Something going bump in the night?

He stumbled away from sheets still warm, and from the comfortable mattress his mother had bought him just last week, and glanced out the frosted window. He hated the first floor dorm room the minute he had seen it, yet he couldn't bring himself to move. He was la-zy, his little sister would drawl.

Looking first for any signs of life in the tiny room, he sighed, and shivered as he realized he could see his own breath, gray as the snow in the moonlight outside. He had no roommate, and thus had no one to wake up with his horrors. Swaying slightly, looking out the window, fogged over with the better warmth of the inside.

Perhaps he was startled at what he saw through the mists of the plastic-like window pane, or perhaps he was startled at the sounds of boards creaking above him, for his ever-drunk neighbors above were constantly making things go bump in the night, but he jumped and fell back.

His hearbeat increased rapidly

Is that what I saw I think I saw a

and for a second he lay still, shirtless, in his white and black heart boxers, laying on the hard dirty floor. Then, fingers white and cold, he glanced outside once more.

I saw I saw it It's a

The eeri little voice crept though his weak little window, and he could hear her as she looked straight at him with that bone-chilling smile. Her hair was as shokingly white as paper, and looked incredibly real upon her head. Her eyes were crimson, pale, and looked terribly bright and intelligent, sly. She was humming, grinning a horrible grin, and her long graceful fingers were twisted about a silver knife.

What are you?

he wanted to know, she could not possible be human, but what else would she be? For a second, she disappeared. Then there was a knife at his throat, and detatchedly, he could hear his scream as the world faded to black.

It woke him up, the thumping of his heart, the sweat trickling off the tipe of his nose, the beating of his neighbors above telling him to shut up.

What was it?

No nightmare, he realized dimmly, huddling under the covers, and as a haunting tune came from outside his cracked window pane.