Late Night Blogging

By Knightmare Elite

I got this idea from another author. I have so many scenes for Broken Dolls floating around in my head. So I decided to write them out since they're too short to make into an actual story. This isn't to be confused with sequel to Broken Dolls. I do plan on writing a Broken Dolls 2 just don't expect to see it anytime soon. Anyway enjoy these misc. scenes.
Mikka lazily turned draping an arm over Anala's supposed body. Her arm fell flat against the ruffled sheets. The spot once inhabited by Anala lost all warmth, panic filled Mikka prompting her dreary eyes open.

"Baby where are you?" Mikka yawned.

From the edge of the room she saw a bright light. It was too bright to focus at the moment, Mikka only squinted making out the shape. It appeared to be a television, no too small more like a monitor.

"Sorry I didn't mean to frighten you. I couldn't sleep so I'm blogging," Anala answered from the desk.

"What the fuck is blogging?" Mikka yawned while reaching for the bedside lamp.

Mikka sat at the bed staring at the clock. It clearly read 3:22 a.m. She and Anala were due at the airport at six thirty. They had a shoot in the Bahamas. It was for a celebrity gay pride calendar. Mikka was nervous about the idea, but Anala convinced her it was the right thing to do.

Still Mikka on a rare occasion had butterflies in her stomach. She was only able to sleep because Anala wore her out hours before. Upon noticing Anala had left their sanctuary of a bed, the worrying returned.

"Anala?" Mikka called.

"Come over here I want to show you something," Anala instructed.

Mikka shook away the sleep standing to her six foot stature. In her first step she felt the silk nightie beneath her foot, like her panties it was discarded beside the bed.

She smiled remembering the passionate sex they had a few hours ago. As Mikka made her way to the desk, she wondered if it was wise to be up this late. After all they were due at the airport in three hours.

The near waist length red head woman sat glued to the screen. Anala turned to Mikka brushing a few strands from her face. She looked up at Mikka with those empowering green gems, it was all Mikka ever needed to generate a smile.

"You're so beautiful," Mikka whispered pulling up the second chair.

"Only half as beautiful as my chocolate princesses," Anala responded.

Mikka lightly kissed on Anala's neck while staring at the screen. In her time since waking, Mikka's eyes adjusted to the light. She stared at what appeared to be Anala's personal website.

"I couldn't sleep so I'm blogging. It's like an online journal or web log. I just write about things in my life to share with all my fans, and whoever visits to my site," Anala explained.

"Do you write about me in that um blog thingy?" Mikka nervously asked.

Anala stopped typing, and turned to Mikka with her most innocent expression, "Of course I write about my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend. I love you Mikka and want everyone to know how happy you make me."

Mikka couldn't hide her smile amidst her embarrassment. Once again Anala put things into perspective. She smiled wrapping her arm around Anala's slender waist.

"What kinds of things do you write about on there? Do people write back?" Mikka asked laying her head against Anala's shoulder.

Anala turned the laptop towards Mikka as she selected a previous entry. It was distinctly titled 'A smile is worth a thousand kisses' she proudly read it aloud.

Mikka's mother finally went in the hospital for knee surgery today. She's been moping around the house, a real mess I tell you. No matter what I couldn't even get a smile out of her.

I tried everything and it was making me sad seeing her so down. I told her there was a slim chance anything could go wrong; but she couldn't help feeling worried. I understand how she felt, I mean that is her mother, the very woman who created the love of my life.

Seeing no other alternative I hopped on a private jet with Mikka. We flew to New Jersey to see her mother. I had to do something, I know that was a little drastic, but I couldn't take her melancholy attitude. It was so unlike Mikka to be so quiet and sad all the time.

When we arrived her mother was already in surgery. Mikka broke down in tears once she found out. I held her close to me as we sat in the waiting room. Of course we were approached for autographs. I kindly told them it wasn't a good time.

So about an hour and a half later the doctor returned. He said, 'Miss Bellamy, your mother's knees surgery was a complete success.' It was the first time in three days I had seen Mikka smile. She turned to me in her teary eyes and so quietly said 'thank you'.

I'm not sure why she said that, I didn't really do anything. But I guess it was just being there for her, but I can't help it I love Mikka. When she hurts I hurt and I'll do anything for her.

I don't know how I can put this in words but I'll try. You know when you have an orgasm, and for those few seconds the word just stops and everything is perfect? Well that's how I felt when I saw that smile on Mikka's cute little lips. That coupled with those delicate tears in her eyes; it was such an elated feeling of seeing my girlfriend's joy.

I held her right there and we hugged for a good minute, then she finally thanked me once more. Though that time I actually understood why she had thanked me.

It wasn't because I spent three days trying to cheer her up; it was because she knew she'll never have to go through anything alone. That is why I love Mikka so much; she is like me a person in need of acceptance, love and guidance. Together we complete each other and are truly beautiful together.

I know she'll probably never read this, but as I end all entries. Mikka I love you!

"I know it might seem a little corny, but these are the things I write about. Little moments in my life that make me feel special, and really make an impact.

These are the things I want to share, you know to let people know even if I am a supermodel; I'm still a normal lesbian in love with a beautiful woman….hey Mikka?" Anala asked feeling drool on her shoulder.

To Anala's surprise Mikka was completely knocked out. The heartfelt blog entry inadvertently put Mikka to sleep. Anala laughed lightly stroking Mikka's face. With that Anala finished her late night entry; it was a small blurb about Mikka's nervousness for the trip tomorrow.

Anala powered down the laptop and lightly nudged Mikka. She gave her a kiss in the lips seeing her sweetheart finally stir.

"Oh, I must have dosed off I'm so sorry baby," Mikka yawned.

"Don't worry about it, it only makes me love you even more when you do things like that," Anala cooled giving Mikka a kiss on the nose.

"You sure you're not angry, that blog thing seems really important to you?" Mikka asked.

"No but I want you to promise me you'll start one on your website. It's quite fun and lets you get out pent up feelings. Things you may want to say to me but just don't have the nerve, or just anything," Anala hinted.

Mikka felt for the eternity band on her finger and smiled. She looked into those glistening green eyes, a yawn parsed the moment.

"Come on let's go back to bed," Anala finally said.

"Okay, but can you read it to me again after the shoot? It was so sweet from what I remembered," Mikka admitted.

"Sure thing," Anala said as she got into bed.

"Goodnight, love you," Mikka said while turning out the lights.

"Love you too baby," Anala whispered snuggling against Mikka.