Ridin' Dirty

By Knightmare Elite

Under the enervating rays of sunlight Mikka unwound on her inflatable raft. As a habit of her height, Mikka laid with legs spread hanging over both sides. Anala found it convenient as she would lie between the open space, with her hands rubbing Mikka's submerged legs.

In Anala's absence Mikka looked into the dark orange sky, filtered courtesy of her mirrored sunglasses. From the corner of her eye, Mikka saw the small figure scurry along the edge. She paused the mp3 player awaiting the draw for attention.

Anala had left bright and early for the next town, apparently her 'custom order' had finally arrived. She wouldn't divulge the details to Mikka, save it would be an 'awesome surprise'. The look in Anala's eyes alone made Mikka wince. She always feared Anala's extreme lifestyle.

Though that was not what annoyed Mikka. As she waved a hand toward the diving board in acknowledgment, Mikka was rewarded with a large splash of water. From the stomach down Mikka was soaked, she un-paused her mp3 player floating farther away.

She more than ever treasured the waterproof case. "That was a good dive Marian!" Mikka reluctantly praised. Marian in truth was a good diver for her age, though Mikka wished she could practice elsewhere.

Being Anala was gone for the moment Mikka was left to baby sit. Constantine had a special court date with Marian's father. The state once more upped his child support. Constantine stated it wasn't necessary, being she made more than enough to support Marian working for Mikka.

In the state's eyes they still found him liable, especially due to Marian's age. As she wasn't even ten years of age yet he had little say. It was also the multiple abuse and battery charges, all dating back to before working for Mikka which worked against him.

So as the mess was slowly muddled through in court and Anala giddy over her newest toy, Mikka floated in the pool receiving a full splash in the face.

"Did you like my swan dive Ms. Mikka? I'm trying to do it like my mom but I can't jump high enough," Marian alerted while climbing out of the pool.

"You know for such a little thing, you sure do make a big splash," Mikka muttered as she heard the intercom beep.

"Hey Mikka I'm back. Oh my god you have GOT TO SEE THIS! This so rules," Anala screamed from the gate.

"Yey Ms. Anala's back can I see what she brought? Can I please?" Marian begged, jumping up and down.

"I'm almost afraid to go look," Mikka frowned as she swam toward the ladder.

Marian ran up to Mikka with her robe "Here you go, mine looks just like yours. We're twins!" Marian pointed out, with the big 'M' over where her breast would have been.

"Well not quite twins I mean you're half Columbian and I'm black…eh never mind. Come let's see what crazy thing Anala bought this time," Mikka shrugged holding Marian against her side as they went inside.

Walking through the house Mikka slowly felt the excitement. As much as she dreaded Anala's splurge purchases, they were never without Mikka in mind…somehow.

"Well here were are…the front door, oh I can't open it," Mikka whined.

"I'll do it!" Marian said quickly undoing the latch, pulling open the double doors.

Both gasped seeing a shiny red sports truck. Its design was completely overambitious, with a custom body kit and spinning rims. Though as Anala walked toward Mikka excitedly, it was the cargo which worried Mikka.

"Wow is that your truck Ms. Anala it's so pretty?" Marian gasped.

"Yeah it's mine, I didn't intentionally want it, but I needed something to carry my new bike. But the salesman said it could come in use, it's the world's fastest truck! The SRT -10, five hundred horsepower he said, and it's actually made in America," Anala boasted.

"And you need the world's fastest truck why?" Mikka asked, turning her attention to the shiny and ultra sleek motorcycle mounted in the bed.

Anala hugged Mikka kissing her ear lobe. "Oh calm down babe, I needed something to carry my bike back, speaking of which check it out." Anala explained while running to the bike.

Marian ran over to the truck playing with the rims, spinning them around and around. "Wow these are so cool. Mommy should get them for her car!"

Mikka walked over to the truck as two delivery men drove up. They quickly assisted Anala in removing the motorcycle. She promptly tipped them fifty dollars each.

"This is Tom and Rich, they're from the Mazdyota dealer. They offered to help with the bike; they even followed me when we stopped off to get the truck. I want going to rent it, but I figured why not just buy one, we might need it for….stuff," Anala vaguely alluded.

"Well if you won't be needing anything else we have to get back. It was a pleasure meeting you Ms. Fearson, and you too Ms. Bellamy," they said smiling proudly while leaving.

Mikka stood before the futuristic looking motorcycle. It was shined in pure chrome and aluminum, even the wheels looked expensive. "Do I even want to know how much?"

"Before you say anything, I really thought about this long and hard before I bought it. You know how badly I wanted a motorcycle; I've been riding at the track for eight months since I got my license. It has a 'few' safety features and comes highly recommended.

Mikka crossed her arms walking toward Anala, looking into her bright green eyes. "How much?" She watched Anala's eyes shift downward, felt her hands clasped, and those lips curved into a pout.

"It's not just any motorcycle, it's special," Anala whispered.

"Anala! What did I tell you about splurging?" Mikka groaned.

"I know Mikka I'm sorry but this is the last time I promise. I was going the GPX15 like we discussed--"

"We did?" Mikka said in a raised eyebrow.

Anala stepped back focusing on the door behind Mikka, "It was an hour after we made love last week…I guess you were sleeping. I was telling you I was going to order a bike and you just said 'uh huh'. So I took that as a yes. Are you mad at me?" Anala frowned slowly turning her gaze back to Mikka.

"Anala you know my stance with motorcycles." Mikka looked over making sure Marian was okay, still amusing herself with the spinning rims. "Motorcycles are fucking dangerous.

It doesn't matter how many years you're ridden; you can have a fatal accident at anytime. Anala, I don't know what I'd do if you were ever in an accident. God I don't even want to think about, why'd you have to do that? Couldn't you have just kept the damn truck by itself," Mikka fretted.

"Mikka I know you're worried, believe me I took that into consideration. I'm not trying to be selfish with this, but it's something that I've always wanted, even before I became a model. I was always fascinated by leather, and motorcycles.

Though I'll admit I may have gone a wee bit overboard with this. See it's not the GPX15, this is the limited edition XFF….stands for fucking fast. It's the worlds fastest--"

"Oh hell no! Do not tell me you brought the world's fastest truck, to carry the world's fastest bike. You said it yourself, you've only been riding for eight months, why in god's name do you need the world's fastest bike, outside of the fact you can easily afford it…how much did it cost," Mikka asked in an disturbingly calm voice.

"Okay don't yell, it cost two hundred thousand before the mods," Anala quickly explained winching for Mikka explosion. Surprisingly Mikka was calm and collected.

"What did you add to it?" Mikka asked.

"These were another fifty grand total. Super bright lights, built in emergency alert system, run flat tires, GPS alarm, front camera…and passenger seat…hey just….hear me out," Anala nervously explained seeing the rage in Mikka's eyes at the last add-on.

"You spent a quarter of a million dollars on that thing! That's not even counting what the truck cost, and your out of your goddamn mind if you think I'm riding on that….thing with you!" Mikka screamed.

"Oooh you said a bad word!" Marian alerted, pointing at Mikka.

"I'm sorry Marian; Anala is really upsetting me right now!"

"That's a pretty motorcycle can I touch it?" Marian asked, finally tiring of the rims.

"Sure just be careful not to press too hard. It's not a toy," Anala reminded.

"You're taking it back," Mikka growled.

"Baby!" Anala groaned.

"Don't baby me! I am not going to let you ride that damn deathtrap on wheels. How fast does it even go?" Mikka asked shaking her head.

"Zero to sixty in two seconds flat, with a top speed around 280 mph. The truck is only five point three seconds though. Well that's still insanely fast for a truck but well you know, the bike is faster. Please ride with me; it's something we can do together. It'll be fun.

Look I even bought matching riding outfits, always thinking about safety!" Anala said while running into the truck to get the suits.

"Zero to sixty in two seconds. That's a fucking crotch missile. Anala I don't want you to get hurt, why do you do these things to me?" Mikka fretted as she watched Marian make 'vroom' sounds with the bike.

"Check them out, custom fitted and everything. They have our names embroidered in the leather," Anala announced showing off the suits and helmets.

"One can only wonder how many cows die each year to make your clothes," Mikka muttered in the presence of her 'suit'.

"Ok if it makes you feel better I'll only ride it on the track….supervised," Anala sighed seeing no end to Mikka's worrying.

"You'd really do that for me," Mikka asked finally smiling.

Anala let the items fall from her hands, taking Mikka in her arms. She looked into Mikka's glassy eyes. "Of course Mikka I know how much you worry about me. I'm not going to die okay, well not for a long time hopefully, but seriously your feelings are important to me.

We have to be apart so much because of our careers, and that makes me so sad, but we have so many instances like this. They're what make us a normal couple with all the bullshit surrounding it. We love each other, laugh, play, fight and have wonderful sex afterward.

Mikka I want to share this with you. It's such a rush feeling that engine rumbling between your legs, hair flowing in the wind, the world flying by at hyper speed and it's all at our fingertips. But you want to know what the ultimate fantasy of any rider is?" Anala asked inundating Mikka with kisses.

"What Anala?" Mikka tenderly asked, surrendering to the moistening kisses.

"Pulling up to a stoplight and reach back, rubbing your hand against silky smooth forty one and a half inch long legs." She grabbed Mikka into a tight embrace. "Do you know how horny I get when riding, it feels so good Mikka. All I can think about when riding is coming home to you. I just want share this experience with you baby." She licked Mikka's lips, eyeing Marian in the distance then back to Mikka's weakening eyes.

"Why do I always give in to you?" Mikka whispered, letting Anala kiss her neck.

"Because you love me silly, well now all we have to do is wait for Constantine--" Anala purred.

"Mommy!" Marian shouted.

"Fuck," Mikka groaned.

Anala turned around seeing Constantine knelt down before Marian. "Well it looks like lady luck has smiled on us today!" She held Mikka's hand greeting Constantine.

"Don't you mean lady fortune?" Mikka asked, not really wanting to lighten the mood.

"Hello ladies, I tried to explain to the judge that I'm okay. But they still upped him again. It's sort of his fault he boasted rather loudly of winning the lottery last month.

So now the judge ordered him to pay $1,000 a week until Marian is eighteen, twenty two if she goes to college, and she will! I did feel bad for him, until his girlfriend said I was money loving slut.

Anyway that matter is finally resolved. Is there anything either of you require of me? I'd like to take Marian to the mall for a while, to buy her a present. She wasn't too much trouble was she?" Constantine asked, eyeing the bike and truck.

"No she was good. She spent most of the time practicing her diving. I think she wants you to each her the swan dive. Between you and me she splashes really hard for being so scrawny," Mikka admitted.

"Maybe that means she's going to be top heavy. It does run in the family after all. But then again she's always been hyperactive," Constantine shrugged.

"I could see that happening. So Constantine, do you like my bike and truck. Mikka and I were just going for a ride." Anala turned to Mikka kissing her protests away. "Weren't we baby?"

"One ride and it's strictly on the track from then on!" Mikka warned. "I swear I'm getting so pussy whipped."

"Oh don't mind her she's afraid of bikes and me dying, blah blah," Anala joked.

"Anala don't joke about that it's not funny," Mikka whimpered.

Anala rubbed Mikka's back in the constant fretting. "Don't worry I promise if it gets too rough for you, I'll turn right around."

"Well it is always smart to be safe on those things. But please have fun; dinner will be served at eight p.m. sharp as we will be at the mall for the afternoon. Come along Marian I'll get you a change of clothes, we're going out," Constantine announced.

"Yey, oh mom you have to get those rims on your car. They spin all the way around. They're so cool, all the kids at school would be so jealous if you had them. But it would be cooler if you had the same ones like Ms. Anala then everyone…." Marian blabbed as they disappeared into the house.

"Damn that girl can talk," Anala shook her head in worry.

"She's a nice kid though, just really hyper like Constantine said," Mikka agreed.

"So you ready to go? I'm getting turned on just thinking about it. I bet if we go fast enough I might cu--"

"Anala! Stop it you're…making me uncomfortable, and I'm only in an itsy bitsy bikini!" Mikka protested.

"Mikka we're supermodels. The entire planet has seen us in our bras and panties hundreds of times already! Besides I seriously doubt anyone would be offended by seeing you in a bikini, actually you look kinda hot in that robe," Anala admitted, groping Mikka beneath the robe.

"Dammit I hate you. I'm going to get a pair of shorts at least." Mikka frustratingly announced as she rain inside.

"Ridin' dirty baby?" Anala giggled as she visually undressed Mikka.

"You know what I should just--"

Anala leaned against the bike with arms crossed, licking her lips, flexing her tongue in a suggestive manner. She saw the desire in Mikka's eyes. "I'll be very grateful if you ride with me."

Mikka balled her fists storming into the house. I hate you!"

Anala laughed as she put the suits back in the truck, only keeping out the helmets. She sat on the bike turning the ignition. The engine heavily rumbled between her legs, Anala slumped over in a satisfied shudder. "Mikka hurry up!"

Seconds later Mikka ran outside in a tiny pair of cut off shorts. They seemed so miniscule with her endless legs. She kept the bikini top and wore a pair of tennis sneakers.

Anala licked her lips at her chocolate princess. She motioned Mikka over tossing her the other helmet.

Mikka nervously sat on the rear seat, tears already running down her cheeks.

"It'll be okay Mikka just trust me. Now put your hands around my waist, real tight. Just like that and lean against me and don't let go! That's it. Now are you going to be okay?" Anala reassuringly asked.

"I'll try," Mikka softly answered over the rumbling engine, she felt the subtle rumbled between her legs as well. It was relaxing amidst her amassing fears.

"This should calm you down," Anala said while turning on the radio, it was a hip hop song Mikka favored as of late. Ironically it was about riding.

She smiled seeing the built in mini CD player. With her helmet finally on, Mikka took a deep breath feeling Anala rev the engine.

Anala reached back stroking Mikka's legs, "So smooth." The gates slowly opened as they turned off into the open road. It took Anala all but three seconds to break 100mph.

The sensation of speed was truly breathtaking. Anala skillfully shifted tears, weaving in and out of traffic. Flies slammed into the helmets exploding on impact. Neither girl paid them any mind, more focused on the intensity of the engine rumbling between their legs.

Twenty Minutes Later

The gates opened as Anala rode the bike inside completely exhausted. Behind her Mikka panted in a most unaccepted delirium. Not even waiting for the gates to fully close, Mikka hopped off the bike, stumbling in first step.

She grabbed Anala's hand looking intently into those straining green eyes. "Okay…you…can keep it." Mikka's words came heavily diluted in the need for relief.

"Damn that was a work out, almost as intense as that night we shared in Paris," Anala blushed as Mikka nearly dragged her inside, kicking the door shut behind.

I know it's been a while, but I recieved a nice message from a reader prompting me to quit dragging my feet with my favorite supermodels. :)