Old-time dances are best, I think,
with fast waltzes and schottishes
and the old folks, remembering.
In smokey bars or clean community centers,
it's all wonderful.

Live music is best,
a fiddle, guitar, maybe a bass
or piano, even an accordion
cliche that it is, is good for dancing.

Once a band played a fast polka
and I danced.
So fast, that my feet barely
touched the ground,
and my dad got dizzy
from all of the blurry spinning.

I like polkas.
Fast ones are best.
Even though it's hard,
I feel as though I could dance forever,
despite the lack of breath,
despite the aching feet and legs,
despite the sweaty sheen
on my overheated skin.
I could dance forever.

I like polkas.
Fast ones are best.