I got rather bored one day, so I copied and pasted the All Your Base script into Microsoft Word and looked up synonyms for all of the words. The result is even more silly and mangled than the original.

AYB Parody
Narrator: Inside A.D. 2101, confrontation was inauguration.

Captain: Pardon transpire ?

Mechanic: An important person set up us the explosive device.

Operator: We obtain indication.

Captain: Come again?

Operator: Most important display initiate.

Captain: It's you

CATS: How are you gentlemen

CATS: Every part of your headquarters are feel right to us.

CATS: You are on the fashion to damage.

Captain: I beg your pardon you articulate

CATS: You have no chance to live to tell the tale create your occasion.

CATS: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....

Operator: Team leader

Captain: Feeling all 'Zig'

Captain: You be acquainted by means of come again you liability.

Captain: Be in motion 'Zig'.

Captain: In support of huge impartiality.