Look through the mirror at the demon inside
Beating me; oh killing me
Sort through the fragments to find a broken life
It's bleeding; oh cutting me

Down in the depths of a shattered heart
Lies the graves of a million souls
Inside a mind that is ripped apart
Wanders a ghost that is alone

Look through the haunted house to find your pain
Ripping me; decieving me
Look down and scream when you see the slit vein
It's bleeding; oh killing me

Scream at the sharpened knives that held your life
It's killing me, oh it's betraying me
Scream at the broken glass that killed your life
It's cutting me; oh suffocating me


Fingers across the broken glass
Tears flow for the pale girl's body
How long can this haunted ghost last?
Will it keep coming back for me?


Down a crooked hallway
I see the murdered bride
I know why she's afraid
I know the secret she hides

(Chorus 2x)