I'm not:


brave, bold! confident-cool and realistic

like my best friend-

whose lived so different

whose experiences have become

ingraved in her bones, creating

something much more than me

braver, stronger

an eternal oak in a forest of twigs

surrounded by skinny little things that

snap under pressure

(I am one of those twigs)


I'm the kind of girl who

would end up in an unhealthy relationship

purple, (broken)

I need salvation like a

warm fuzzy towel after

being stuck in the rain

oh, but if- (!)

If I could be the

tinkerbell in the palm of his hand

I would have my own

shelter, his rough fingers

creating a cave above my tiny

little fairy limbs

against the rain

I'm weak; in the knees, in the heart, in the broken bones,

90 pounds of white girl blues

(tiny little thing)

used to think she could

handle the world but


tinkerbell is nothing without her

Peter Pan