I gave it up to the sky
My forever sacrifice
I'd give my two cents
But I'm found wanting
The collection plate is burning
A hole in my pocket
Salvation's done nothing for me

I used to be a killer of men
You used to be my reason
I lost my nerve with a trigger
Our lifestyle was my treason

Your ignorance is my security blanket
It lets me sleep through the day
Remember when I came home with a bleeding knee
I'd laugh and say "Factory work is killing me"
The comfort of eating at the full table
The horror I knew I'd face when the lights went out

I used to the grande finale
You were my greatest reason
I couldn't pull another trigger
My conscience; guilty of treason

I move through the shadows
I'd be behind you between breaths
Your last
Closing my eyes at 8 a.m.
I've ushered my children off to school
I know I'll start this again
Work is murder

I'll kiss my children tonight
It might be the last time I'll see the light
This is my hardest job to date
I'd go away but its too late
Bloodpacts aways come back to haunt you
I've received my information
I refuse to pull this trigger
My wife is the target
She pissed off the politician who hired me

I used to be the bullet
I've lost all reason
I used to be the hammer
You'll pay for treason

I'll make my smartest move
Wide open field
Blue skies
Clouds slowly drifted overhead
I called him and said there's a compilication
He showed up and behind him I creeped
I was the end of him
He was the end of me

Tomorrow the news will read
That I tried to strike him down for my wife
That I had gone crazy
The politician tried to protect himself
We both were dead on the scene
All of his papers on my destroyed
My "insanity" is more comforting
Than the truth could ever be

I used to be the shadow
My family was my reason
I used to be known as Dad
To call me Sir Jon The Saint is treason
But now my family has a reason