The passage of eternity

Swallows me in charming terror

It's not, of yet, justifiable

This liquid fear seething down my skin

Suppressing every natural feeling in my body

I'm on fire, the deepest form of agony

Emitting primal screams that no one hears

Tearing an dejected hole in my existence

As natural forces unravel my fabrics

Searing to my spirit

Which, without panic, I discover

Is all that I am

And all I ever really was

Eyes born of nonexistence

Scan the world around me

To see that nothing has changed

My still-functioning mind searches for a sense of purpose

A plan

How to leave a broken body

And move on

And I lose it in a glowing sensation

Clarity beyond my earthly senses

My numbness is gone

Still, I can't blame them for crying

Some shout and blame

Others whisper, in half-shamed voices

"Thank God it wasn't me."

I want to show them how little these things matter


For self-appointed duties

And the constant fear of being watched

By the wrong eyes

I want to show them how to live

But even while they cry over my body

No one will listen to my spirit