You've seen me before, naive one,

Naive of the darkness that can't be destroyed by the sun,

You've seen me that day when you looked into the shadows,

The hidden danger that's always near and always follows,

Don't lie to me, you demon soldier,

I've seen you watching over your shoulder,

Does death fear you so?

Is it really so full of sadness and woe?

Keep running demon, your time is near,

I know what you desire, hate, and fear,

That's all you need to destroy the one you hate,

And steal their life, make their soul reach Hell's gate,

The army of the living, you know you have betrayed,

For your actions you know the price to be paid,

You demon of this world, you proof there is no light,

Don't think you can hide among your demons as I stalk you tonight,

I'll have your head you heartless one,

I doubt you even have a soul as you cower and run,

I curse you as the thirsty curse the drought,

I As the prisoner with no way out,

As the madmen curse insanity in all their calls,

As I've cursed you within these padded walls,

Imprisoned within these walls of madness and gloom,

Never again able to watch the sun shine nor the flowers bloom,

I can never again smell the grass after a gentle rain,

I can never again be the one with nothing to lose and everything to gain,

They put me here because of you,

I'll get out in my head, this much is true,

It happened one day, when my thoughts began to drift,

Now all I long for is your death as a gift,

I learned how to speak to them, I'm speaking to them now,

They'll listen as I order them to crush you, your living I can't allow,

I've forgotten how to live, so your life I'll take, death will be your giving,

In my wallow among the dead, I've forgotten how to walk among the living.