Blue Angel

Drowning in Life's Seas

Found Blue Angel entered in

Gasping cries of "Help!"

Hope was almost gone

Sinking to rise not again

"Hang On!" words of hope

Bitter cold water

A hand outstretched…"Grab hold!"

Rescued! and made warm

There is now balance

Blue Angel like a Seagull

Took flight on wings soft

Day that was breaking

In moments the tide changed

Became a day fair

Waters ebb and flow

Traveling Life's Oceans vast

Zephyr blew ... Angel!

Every once in the greatest of whiles I have found that a "Blue Angel," as it were enters into my life in moments of personal struggle and their wings soft… and strong provide for needed strength and comfort enabling for a renewal to take place within. The few "Blue Angels" that have crossed my path have always it seems came from a place of their own great personal hardship and who choosing to take some higher path though oft times unseen, yet ever upwards in their own life journey do they travel on, giving strength to others along the way. Prayers do I offer heavenwards for the blessings received of "Blue Angels."