Night begins to fall across the sky

I try to close my eyes to yours

Before I drown in your dark lashes

And the promise you made to me

Before my blouse was shredded

Leaving more than my body stripped of its dignity

Before someone I used to look down on

You're now above me, asking me to figure out

How important this is to me

Tauntingly, you hold a bag of twisted sanity

Close enough for me to grab, and run away

If I had the strength

And watch me beg

Like a child, deprived of candy

Throwing a tantrum in the grocery store

Can't you see I'm weak?

So weak without it…

I need it…

You start to kiss me

I start to feel sick, but I can't let it go

I can't even breathe your name

Until I drown my mind in the tiny grains of powder

You hold in front of me

While making me pay

I start to cry, bawl, at what I did for this

You toss the bag into my lap

And wait a few minutes, before asking


I smile, dizzily

As I fly over the clouds and rain

At least I know it was for love