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WARNING to those of you who didn't bother to read Eighth Grade and Ninth Grade (though you really should since I'm too lazy to explain everything that has happened) you shall be warned that Kodi and Chris get it on and that they are twins. Oh, and there's more homosexuality in this story that doesn't include them. Yeah.

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So, Tenth Grade. The forgotten grade. You know, junior year is the year you have to go "oh shit. I have to apply for college and make myself look good to get in!" and start doing a bunch of extracurricular activities, freshman year is the year that you're hated by seniors and act like a bimbo, and senior year is the year you basically blow off. While, sophomore year you're just... there.

Tenth Grade also happens to be the grade that everyone's favorite twins were in. Oh, and, it was also the grade that Marie was in. Twelfth grade happened to be the grade that Marie's lovely boyfriend was in. Marie's filthy rich boyfriend.

Now the high school years are supposedly the best years of your life. I don't think anyone honestly believes that.

Now there were a few reasons why this year sucked so far:

1) Miro High School For the Gifted opened up earlier than expected, and about half the kids at Naperville Central High School were busted into it (which really had very little impact on Naperville Central High's student body, that's how overcrowded it was, but we won't get into that).

2) The twins were busted in to the school, while Marie and Dai were not. (But don't worry kids, Marie put in for a transfer into Miro High and was going to go there Junior year.)

3) The soda machines were turned off until after lunch. (There was very much complaining from the student body as a whole about that one).

4) Chris was going on some trip to France for spring break, while Kodi was not.

5) Uh... I'll get back to you with this one...

Now those were the five reasons that our favorite characters were not having the best tenth grade experience. Not to mention Kodi and Chris had no classes together and with all the clubs Kodi was apparently in they saw each other a lot less than you'd expect.

Now, the trip to Europe was upsetting Kodi greatly. One, he wanted to go to Europe. Two, he wanted to be with Chris. Three, he wanted to be with Chris in Europe. The thing was Kodi didn't take French I in ninth grade, he switched out of it and took Latin I. And the people who took French II (and Chris did indeed take French II first semester of tenth grade) got to go to France during Spring Break.

Which was a reason that Miro was instantly a really cool school.

Kodi sat in his Latin III classroom glaring at the bored. It was the beginning of the second semester of tenth grade and Kodi was dreading spring break as it approached. He sat there muttering obscenities under his breath as Chris sat on top of Kodi's desk before school started. Of course Chris only understood fragments of what Kodi was saying, but that was only because French was related to Latin.


"Quid?"(1) Kodi paused and let out a soft laugh at himself, and repeated, in English this time, "What?"

Chris shut his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose (right by his eyes), and gently shook his head for a moment before opening his eyes once more, dropping his hand. He sighed and looked at Kodi lovingly.

Kodi sighed and murmured, "I love you too."

Chris smiled and asked quietly, "What's wrong?" He tilted his head to one side as he watched Kodi. Out of the corner of his eye he saw some other students come in to the class room, signaling that the first bell was about to ring. Chris wouldn't leave until the one minute warning bell rang, though.

"Nothing it's just..." Kodi stopped as the first bell rang, he shook his head as it ended after a moment, "Nothing."

Chris frowned and jumped off the desk, landing on the floor in a moment. He kissed Kodi's cheek quickly, and walked out of the room. Kodi grinned dumbly, turning quite red. Alexander Power walked into the classroom just as Chris walked out. He threw his backpack to the seat across from Kodi's (the desks were in groups of four) it came to a skidding halt right next to his chair.

"Awesome," He said enthusiastically, flashing a grin at Kodi before turning to the person that he was standing next to and engaging in a conversation until the one minute bell rang. He sat down across from Kodi. He drummed his fingers across the table before looking questioningly at him. "You look way too happy for this time in the morning," Alex said to Kodi, before going back to chewing his gum and fidgeting like a madman.

Kodi gave a soft laugh and answered, "Yeah. Funny, you've only seen me in bad moods so far."

"It's a nice change of pace," Alex said before blowing a bubble. The last bell rang as it popped, and with the bell came a mad scramble for everyone to get in their seats before the teacher walked in.


(1) I'm only somewhat sure that 'quid' is 'what' in Latin. I'm only taking Latin I this semester and I've only had two days of classes, so excuse me if I get that wrong. The only word I know in Latin for sure is canis (dog). Oh and 'sex' is six. Hahahaskdalte.

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