The people in my world are all for free speech

So long as it's not mine

Stemmed from a mind of national concern

It hardly counts as an emergency

When I try to dig my nails into the glass

Separating me from the world

And tear them apart

Waiting for pity or strength to release me

So long as no one knows

Even you wait for my unmoving enemy

To leave me motionless on the cement floor

Before you try to comfort me

"If it makes you feel any better," you say

With a violent smile

"I baked you a lie."

Heated to perfection in an easy-bake oven

I stare through the scratches on my wall

"Thanks, I guess," I whisper.

It's been so long since I've heard my voice

I need you to come in after me

I can barely move, much less stand

Or break the glass

But even now

Trapped on the wrong side of guilt

I hardly care what kind of lie you baked me

You say it's cherry, and it suits me so well

You thought of me, as you made it

And just had to let me know

You can tell I'm dying in exile

And ask me to hold that thought for now

You have to leave

It just wouldn't seem right

That you bake cherry lies for girls trapped in glass

I ask, before you leave

Next time you stop to stare at me

Bring something other than a lie crust

Ornamented with anything that suits your thoughts

And break this glass for good

I'd do anything to escape old bias's hell

Even if I have to eat your lies

And trust their contents

Farther than I trust anything, anymore

Instead, you laugh internally

Knowing that you look perfect, to me

When I'm in here