My body aches from too much of everything

She told me, as she unbottoned my blouse

And kissed me in a way, she claims to save for me

"This is nothing"

I agree

So tired of everything

Makes nothing all that I want

Guilt happily stands by

Her curls brush against my cheek

I remember what they told me

When I tried to tell my story

"No girls. No boys."

But nothing about "nothing"

"I love you" ornaments a lack of substance

I doubt these words are true

I wonder if you know that I had something

Before you showed me

How I craved to be mislead

And made every tear I had ever cried

Every shout and cry, directed at me

Every night I woke up shaking

Worth living through

And told me, minutes later

It meant nothing to you

Perhaps tears would make sense

But my feelings aren't working right today

Even as you love and ignore me

Rotating by the day

I want nothing more than anything in the world