In the distant corners of my mind
Past the hills, and down the stairs that wind,
Is a wondrous place called memory lane
And a deserted span called forgetfulness plain.

It is here that all the memories fade
This barren place without water or shade
Is where our thoughts seem to disappear
Our joy, our anger, and even our fear.

And as I wander this desert land
I look, bend down, and reach out my hand
To touch the dust of a long ago day
That I used to remember, and now has gone away.

All the memories that were, and now are lost
The first day of school, the very first frost
The look of my cradle, my grandfather's smile
Have all faded now, after a while.

And I sit there and watch memories turn to dust
Not wishing it so, but knowing they must
And reflecting on how few I kept,
I could stand no more, I sat there and wept.

But then I remember the memories I retained
The good memories I had were the ones that remained
And I smiled and stood, no longer pained
For it is true that I forgotten the good and the bad
And sometimes this fact has made me sad
Until I remember the best I still had.