Two glasses of non-alcoholic beer

And I'm starting to feel dizzy

Hopefully, I'll awaken in time to wonder

Why I ask your magenta sheets to protect me

From your blank, staring eyes

And the dark lashes I fell in love with

Before I tasted the red wine on your lips

Now you're above me

Several drinks ahead of me-yet

Completely in control

And I can barely breathe


How can I give this to you

When I hardly remember your name?


My body is too tired to fight

I try to scream, praying that you'll listen

Taunting me, you tell me

It's too late to make you


I wouldn't be here if I didn't want it

All of you

Not just the kiss

I try to scream, again

A friend of mine passes the door

And tells me he's glad to see we're together


I try to tell him that I've never hurt this much

I try to make myself believe that he'd save me

From you

You tell me that you're sorry

That you had to show me my reality

And leave me, tangled in magenta sheets

As soon as you get bored