AN: Here's an other one for ya guys! When I wrote this poem I was thinking about you might figure it out.



"She was a special girl,

unique in so many ways."

"She always knew how

to put a smile on your face."

"Different from the others,

outgoing and smart."

"Always positive and happy

from the very start."

"Didn't take side during

the arguing of friends."

"She love the way the sun lights up

when the day ends."

"So poetic and exciting,

never a moment of dull."

"So loving and tender

and beautiful."

I wanted to tell you

"I love you" just once more.

I wanted you to hold me

like you did before.

I miss your sweet smile

that lit up your face.

I miss the warmth of

your embrace.

Now death is between us,

so vile and cruel.

But I must thank you

for making my life


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