Diary of a Dreamer

Chapter Six

Monday, August 29

St. Thomas's Baptist Church

Well, I was back in that little room at St. Thomas's. Tonight was the night of the last Summer Recital of 2005. All the performers were here, holding their many instruments, and it was even more cramped than the day of our first meeting. Everyone was here, that is, except for Ashley. "He better be here," I thought. I passed the time thinking of things I'd do to him if he were late.

After two weeks of rigorous practicing at the Knightley Manor, we actually sounded pretty good together. We were going to play Mozart's Concerto No. 4 for Piano and Violin. Despite what I think of him, (a stuck up, conceited git) he was actually very, very good on his instrument.

It was raining lightly outside, and the hemline of my long, white silk dress was a little bit tinged with mud. It was pretty much unnoticeable though, so I didn't worry about it. I just hoped that the rain would not turn into a storm, I had to get home by myself tonight, and the last summer storm was always the biggest one.

As I finished my last sentence, Ashley opened the door and walked in, as if on cue. I looked up and stared at him. I had never seen him in formal clothing before, and he looked so goddamn good! He was five minutes late, but suddenly I couldn't remember one thing to say to him. As he spotted me in the corner, his smirked his signature smirk and strolled over to me, holding his violin. I suddenly realized that I had never seen him without a smirk on his face when he looked at me.

"How DO you manage to get your self so dirty, all the time?" he said as he opened up his case.

"I am NOT so dirty ALL THE TIME!" I shot back defensively. And I walked over to the old piano and played him an A. He tuned his violin.

The recital went reasonable well. Ashley was superb, as always, and everyone had a great time. Our quaint little recital hall was packed, but the presence of the tall and erect Dr. Knightley was a void in the crowd.

Everyone filed down the stairs for the gym. There were always refreshments served after one of these events at St. Thomas's, and the gym would be decorated for the occasion. But this time, the art committee had really outdone themselves. Gasps of surprise and excitement were heard from the crowd.

The placed looked charming. The lights were dimmed, and a band was set up in one corner of the room. There was going to be dancing tonight.

Ms. Parsons quickly ushered everyone in and signaled the band. Music started, and instantaneously, so did the dancing. Old couples swayed slowly together, and young couples waltzed across the floor, a father and daughter combo danced a jig in a corner. It was a very happy atmosphere.

"Oh, good Lord, thank you!" Ashley jumped at the sight of the refreshments table, and started walking very quickly toward the cookies. "Thank you, Lord! I am STARVING!" He shoved one in his mouth as his other hand reached for another.

He seemed to notice me suddenly and stopped. "Wou want wone woo?" He offered me a cookie.

"No thanks," I said. He returned to his cookie bowl. I didn't know why, but I kept on staring at him.

"Waat?" He swallowed his last cookie and turned to me. "Why are you looking at me like that? I offered you a cookie, you didn't want one."

I burst into a fit of laughter. His expression resembled one of a four year old.

"What?!" I kept on laughing. His puzzled expression was just too funny.

"How come you so hungry?" I managed to choke out.

"Well, as I was getting ready to go, I suddenly had this incredible urge for cookies. So I went into the kitchen, and because I had not been in there before, I couldn't find any at all. I opened one cupboard after the next, but there was nothing even resembling a cookie." I nearly collapsed at this, and I held on to a back of a chair, laughing my head off.

A large megaphone sounded, "All contestants please assemble on the dance floor. Our first annual St. Thomas's summer dance-a-thon would be starting in two minutes."

Couples rushed to the dance floor. "A dance-a-thon, eh? Wonder who thought of THAT idea." Ashley reached for the cookie bowl again. "Well, let's see how good they are." He put a cookie in his mouth, crossed his arms, leaned against a table, and got himself ready to criticize as many people as possible.

Suddenly a couple pushed past us, roughly.

"Well, well, well, look who we've got here, if it isn't Audrey Lang." A cold, hard voice sliced through the air. It was Vivienne, her, and her bulky 180cm tall boyfriend. Let me fill you in, Vivienne is the most popular girl in my year, and apparently, the most beautiful being on Earth. All the guys practically follow her around like sick puppy dogs, with their tongues dragging on the floor, to add to the visual.

I glanced in Ashley's direction. He chewed his cookie. It surprised me he wasn't affected by her "hypnotizing" beauty and charm, but then again, he was probably too busy focusing on his stomach's cookie craving and the dance-a-thon.

Well, Vivienne was definitely using her powers to the max on Ashley.

"Hey, cutie." she stalked over to him. "Who are YOU dancing with?" She was about two inches away from him, and her hand was placed on his chest, alluringly.

Ashley looked at her hand, took it, and kissed it. "Have some respect for yourself, my lady. I know I am irresistibly sexy, but please, save your silly games for others." He dropped her hand and turned back to the refreshments.

You could definitely see that Vivienne was extremely ticked off. Her impression clearly showed that she would have loved to fling herself at him and scratch his eyeballs out. Ashley calmly ate his cookie.

"So, not competing in the dance-a-thon, are you, Audrey?" Vivienne sneered. "Scared that we'll beat you?" She stalked back to her boyfriend and linked her arm with his. "We're the best dancers in this gymnasium right now, and let me tell you, we are going to win!" With one last reproachful look, she rushed onto the dance floor with her bulky boyfriend.

Ashley finished his cookie. "Come on, let's go." he took my hand and pulled me after him.

"Where are we going?" I asked, surprised at his sudden change of attitude.

"The competition, of course! How daft are you?" he explained impatiently.

"Well, how was I supposed to know-? And besides, you said that you were going to-. Why are we doing this anyway?"

He stopped and looked at me. "You're just going to let that little slut and her boyfriend win the competition, and not even try to stand up to them? What are you, a door mat?"

I was angered by his anger. Why was HE so angry? It was me she hated ever since the beginning of time! It was me she so openly picked on, every single day at school!

But Ashley was right, I have to show her that I'm not a door mat. And winning this competition would be the first step!

"All right, let's show them who they're competing against!" I said defiantly.

Ashley smiled. "Might I have the pleasure of this dance?"