I woke up one day, and had to admit,

I hated the world and everything in it,

The world of beauty, laughter, and fun,

Had long disappeared with the setting of the sun,

Suicide was once the option I had in my head,

Till I decided murder would be much better instead,

I wanted to kill everyone who treated me like mud,

I'd revel in beating them dead and bathing in their blood,

I'd paint the world red with revenge and fury,

Everyone who ever crossed me could only run and worry,

I'd find them one day, I'd hunt them like a hound,

I'd find them and crush their thick skulls into the ground,

I'd make them pay as I tortured them as slaves,

I'd beat them and crush them, make their blood spill in waves,

They thought they were better, but they will soon know,

I was the better one, as I beat them in their woe,

I only long for all those animals to die,

Revenge will be my battle cry,

I'll slaughter them all like the animals that they are,

They're lower than beasts, and running won't get them far,

Their time on this earth is running short,

They won't be able to hide in the grandest fort,

When I'm done, I'll carry their bodies in sacs,

After chopping them up with a battle axe,

They'll learned my power in that bloody rave,

I'll bury the sacs in a shallow grave,

This plan I've made, to make revenge my bloody feed,

I'd do it all right now if I could only get away with the deed.