Hidden Away
by Fujita Toji

After all the time we've spent together,
I finally realized that I love you,
However, I must not let you know.

There is a massive pain in my heart
That only grows more and more.
I know you love another man,
And that he loves you too.

But why is it that you love him,
When so oft he makes you cry?
I would never be able to do so.

Weird. I used to hate women,
I even thought of you the same,
Yet somehow you changed that.
You released my heart from prison.

With you I find a distinction--
You carry a certain kindness--
It's probably what attracted me.

Hiding my emotions away from you,
I see you there, so close to me,
But I cannot touch you--
No matter how much I want to.

My heart screams to let you know,
My hands tremble to touch you,
But my conscience keeps me away.

So with my tessen in my hand,
Though I can't tell you how I feel,
I will continue to protect you
Like the dependable guy I am.