Wingless Angel
by Fujita Toji

Running across a field of endless darkness,
I saw a flash of light and before me stood another;
She was an angel with no wings to fly..

When I first laid eyes upon her, my heart skipped a beat;
Her smile was as beautiful as the moonlight on a dark night.
So who are you? I desperately wanted to know,
But before I was able to find out, she was gone.

Far off in the horizon was another bright light.
For days I ran towards it in hopes of seeing her again,
But no matter how much I ran, she was always far away.

Even thought I kept my eyes fixed on the light,
I finally decided it was time to take a rest.
Still struggling for breath, I saw the light come closer to me,
And standing in the light was the angel I so desperately sought.

She asked me for my help and I accepted;
I asked her who she was and she told me--
Since then, quite some time has passed by.

I still do not know her very well
Because I'm always at a loss for words,
But my heart still skips a beat every time she walks by--
An angel without wings to fly.