Chapter 1: This was NOT in the Forecast



Huh?.. Whazzat?.. is something…shaking me?

"MISS! Wake up, please."

Ugh.. go away… something… Shoo!

Thazzright! Fear me! Now, to get back to that dream…


"Ouch! Okay, okay. I'm awake already!"

I hold my stinging cheek and look up into the faces of two women. The one in the background is Lucy Porter, the mousey, yet adorably shy assistant librarian of this wonderful establishment which I unwisely decided to take a rest. I'm guessing it was she who was shaking me before. Silly Lucy, she never could remember my name. The one who is practically in my face, is a little bit fuzzy, but distinctly recognizable. She is Mrs. Karol Miller, the flashy, loudmouthed head librarian, and the bane of my existence.

"Myra," she says as she inches even further into my personal space. "The library is CLOSED, Myra." Well, that explains a few things. Lucy doesn't usually bother trying to wake me up, let alone attempt to ask Karol to leave her oh-so-important Head Librarian duties to do it for her.

What? Oh, it appears the Library-witch is still talking. Something about me gathering up my junk and leaving. Junk? Doesn't this woman know what extensive research looks like? Come on, I've got books and note cards piled up around me. What else could it be? Freakin' hag. How she ever won her position over me, I shall never know.

I glance at my watch. "What the bleep? It's only 8:30? Why are you closing the library so early?" She rolls her eyes at me. I hate it when she does that. Sure, I do it all the time, but she just makes it so... infuriating! "If I had been elected Head Librarian," Stupid me! Why am I bringing this up? "I wouldn't close until at least 10PM." Baka Myra! Now she's going to throw it back in your face!

"Myra, Myra, Myra," Okay, that is ten times more annoying than the eye rolling. "There is no way the board would have ever elected you, a mere 19 year old, still in college, to be in charge of the City Library."

Hey! Just because I'm young, and don't have a degree yet, doesn't mean that I'm not capable. Besides, calling this poor excuse of a closet the City Library is almost insulting. A freakin' chimpanzee could probably head this place.

"Moreover," she continues. "If you had, by some miracle been elected, you would probably not last very long. I can just imagine you disposing of this entire library's good literature and filling it with your childish mango books." Did she just refer to Manga as 'mango books'?

'Just keep your mouth shut, Myra.' I tell myself. 'She's not worth wasting your breath on.' Good, I'm done getting my stuff in my bag. Now, to leave this place and get home before it decides to rain again.

Of course… it decided to rain again. Why wouldn't it? It rains almost every day this time of year anyway. Why does it rain so much in autumn? Things are dying off anyway, so why bother soaking them to death? Oh, maybe I just answered my own question. Whatever the reason, that doesn't change the fact that my shoes are soaked though, my hair is dripping, my jacket is losing its effectiveness, and I still have half a mile until I reach home.

Now, if I was a smart young lass, I would have brought an umbrella with me when I went out today. It's not like it wasn't raining when I left this morning. But that was different. It was brighter, warmer, and… ok, so I was lazy. I just figured that if it got really bad, I would run. It seemed logical then, retarded now.

I look up, and can barely see the lights of my house shining though the thick patch of forest that occupies the block next to my home. Uh, oh… decision time. Should I cut through the dark and spooky woods? The very same woods that, after a rather frightening experience as a child, I promised myself I would never enter after dark? Or do I take the much longer way around, thus prolonging my time in the rain, and lengthening the time until I am able to enjoy the yummy box of ice cream I just remembered was in the freezer? Ice cream… or avoiding uncertain death? The age long dilemma continues.

Quietly… carefully… ice cream…


Bleep! I lost my concentration. Wet twigs aren't supposed to snap anyway.

If you haven't guessed already, I chose to cut through the forest. As I have discovered today, the strong desire for ice cream is an acceptable substitution for bravery. However it is also going to be my downfall unless I find a way to stay more focused. I mean, who knows what kind of freaky homeless weirdoes are lurking in here? If I want to live, I've got to execute my mission in the most silent and sneaky way possible.


Did you hear that? I could have sworn I just heard my name spoken in an eerie voice. Maybe it was the wind. I suppose 'Myra' could be the same sound as wind rustling though tree branches. Speaking of wind, it seems to be constantly swirling around my current position. Yes, I am officially freaked out now. And it seems I have frozen in my tracks. Bleepin' feet! Move!

Things seem to have quitted down.

What the…


Whoa! Okay, sorry about that. My brain went blank for a second. So, now I'll inform you of what's actually going on. Some weird glowing guy with long silver hair, yellow eyes, and fox ears just jumped in front of me and called me a princess.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. And no, it isn't Inuyasha. Believe me, I'd know. No, this guy looks nothing like that cute doggy boy. Well, maybe not nothing like him, but the difference is definitely recognizable. This man… er, fox… uh, ghosty guy thingy is leaner, softer, and defiantly more handsome. Not as handsome as Sesshoumaru (as if that's even possible!) but nevertheless quite striking.

Um… so what do I do now? He's just standing there, staring dreamy-eyed at me, and grinning from ear to ear.

"Myra-Hime," –is that the only thing he knows how to say? "you've finally come!" Oh, hehe, apparently not. "We've been waiting so long for you."

Waiting? For me? I don't even know this freak. Wait a second… how does he know my name? Is he some sort of creepy stalker/rapist who attacks girls in the middle of the night while wearing fox ears? 'Calm down Myra, just play it cool and get the BLEEP out of there as fast as possible.' First, I'll say something witty…

"What? Do I owe you something?" Um, that was NOT cool OR witty. Baka Myra, BAKA!

"No hime, it is I who owes you." He says in a smooth voice while taking my hands in his own.

Who gave him the right to engage in personal contact with me? This guy is definitely weirding me out. Ack! He's leaning closer! Come on feet! Now would be a really good time to start working again.

"Stay away from her Sora!"

Fox dude turned his head. I guess that seems logical since the voice came from my left. So I follow suit and turn my head also. There, coming into view is a young man with black wispy hair, red eyes, and… are those little fangs gleaming in the moonlight? Great, another freak.

"He didn't hurt you? Did he, Myra?" He says to me while laying a hand on my shoulder. My, my, this guy seems pretty concerned. But what is it with these freaks and all the physical contact? He quickly turns his head to face the fox dude. "I mean it Sora. Step away from her NOW!"

"Oh c'mon Ra-chan" Sora says. "I don't need her for very long."

Okay, was I the only one that was slightly disturbed by that last comment? Maybe I'm just taking it the wrong way. Yea, maybe he only needs me so I can open a jar of pickles for him, or something. His hands do look kind of dainty.

"Liar!" the red-eyed freak's outburst caused Sora to drop my hands. "Ever since she released us, the only thing you've been able to talk about is how you are going to seduce her and have her work for you."

Sora has now become a shifty-eyed-blushing freak. But he quickly recovers. "What about you, Raku?" Sora laughs. "What about you with all of your 'Myra is so beautiful' and 'Myra is so nice. I wander if she'd let me date her?' "

"I never said that!" screams Raku.

Hmm… they seem to both be distracted. And as honored as I am to have two gorgeous guys bickering over me. I think now would be a good time to sneak away. Lucky for me my feet are working again.

Phew! Finally, those freaks are out of sight. Now, to just make a bee-line for home and enjoy my ice cr—

Whoops ::SPLAT::

Great, I tripped over a root. Why is it that every time I think of ice cream a piece of tree fouls me up?

Um, why is the root moving? Yes, it is defiantly moving and shifting underneath me. Oh crap! Oh crap! What if it's some cranky woodland creature that I woke up by tripping over and is now going to claw my eyes out? Or worse, what if it's another frea—

"Woman. Get your fat legs off of me. I'm loosing circulation to my feet."

Hm... seems to be a combination of the two.

I roll off of him and stumble to my feet. It's harder to see this guy, being as we're in a rather dense part of the forest. But his short orange-tinted golden hair and bright amethyst eyes are pretty hard to miss. At least he looks pretty normal… wait a minute! Purple eyes? I crinkle my nose. That isn't natural, is it? There must be some weird freak convention in the woods tonight. Nevertheless, this is not the time to just stand here gawking, I need to—

"Just run on home you stupid little girl. Before Raku and Sora realize you're no longer under the snag-spell."

Grr… this guy has the annoying habit of interrupting my thoughts, stealing my next one, and then contorting it into an insult. Wait. Did he say something about a spell? Does that mean these guys know how to do magic? Eeep! I knew something creepy was going on in here after dark. And mom said that those eerie lights were just swamp ga—

"What is your problem, woman! Can't you keep your brain quiet for two seconds?" He yells as he puts a hand over his face and messages his temples with his thumb and middle finger. "The last thing I need right now is an annoying wench rambling on incessantly and making my headache worse!"

"I knew it!" I squeal, as he winces. "You can read my mind can't you."

"No, I cannot. You are just incredibly predictable." He sighs and removes his hand from his face, laying it on his propped-up knee. "And your head leaks out an awful high pitched scraping noise when you think so loudly."

"I'm sorry." I whisper while lowering my eyes. And I truly am. I mean, heck, the 'incessant rambling' of my mind even annoys me sometimes, I can't imagine how hard it must be for him if it sounds as bad as he says. And he probably hears it all the time, from random people he passes on the street, to the cows in the field thinking, 'yum, grass.' Oh great, I'm doing it again. Hush brain! Hush! Just bleepin—

"Shut up already!"

A flash of white appears and the fox-eared freak is kneeling next to the cranky guy I tripped over.

"Koji? Are you alright?" Cranky guy gives him a grunt in response. "I'm sorry that we were gone for so long. It's just… I came across Myra and was about to ask her for her help when Ra-chan showed up and started yelling at me, and then she disappeared and…"

"It's alright, Sora." He said using a voice more gentle than I thought he was capable. "As much as I would prefer not to get a mortal involved in this situation, you and Raku seem to have your hearts set. So I will allow it."



"Aaak!" I jump about a foot into the air, because that second 'Really?' came from a voice that was so close behind me I could feel the person's breath on my neck as he spoke.

I quickly turn around an am face to face with the red-eyed freak who promptly gives me an adorable grin. How does he make fangs look so cute?

"So, you'll help us, won't you?" he pleads to me with hands clasped and huge shimmering eyes.

"I…er…" Really, what am I supposed to say in a scenario such as this? "A-at the risk of sounding biased… I think I need to know exactly what's going on before I agree to anything." There, that didn't sound too petrified.

"Very well," states Koji with clenched teeth. "I will…attempt… to explain the situation in a way that you can understand."

I have come to the conclusion that this guy doesn't know how to talk to me without including some sort of insult.