Now It's around 11:P.M, as Julez walks upon Chloe's room and turns the door knob slowly as she's about to enter, Chloe then hurl's to the door to stop Julez from entering by switching the knob the other way around.

" Julez what's wrong, girl ". said Chloe. " Oh my god, I can't believe this..........". said Julez. " what are you talking about". said Chloe all nervous. " I totally thought this was my room, I'm so sorry, I'm so damn rude, girl my bad.....". said Julez. " Oh, yeah.....It's alright, Julez, don't sweat it, girl, we all make mistakes ". said Chloe. " Indeed we do............". said Julez In a guilty mood. Then Julez walk's off next door to enter her resort room, While Tyler comes from out the bathroom In Chloe's room.

" Oh my, that shit was so fucking close, hurry up Tyler, Now ! ".said Chloe. " yeah that was too close, I got to get the hell out of here, I'm going right now, this Instance ". said Tyler.

Then as Tyler Is about to leave the room, By the door, Chloe peeks through the Slighty open door and spot's Sebastian Coming from around the corner to the room, then Chloe begin's to panic.

" Oh shit, Sebastian Is coming, damn......this Is not good....oh fuck ". said Chloe In a nervous way. " what the hell am I going to do now, he's coming right now..? ". said Tyler. " hell yeah, he's seconds away.....um....hide somewhere quick ". said Chloe rapidly. " where....?". Questioned Tyler. " um....the...um...under the bed, hurry up, now !!!...hurry...". screeched Chloe. " okay....I'm going,,". said Tyler hiding beneath the bed. Then Chloe Closes the door and jump's Into the bed acting as If she just woke up, While Sebastian then Open's the door and enters.

" hey, baby......". yarning Chloe. " hey boo, you just woke up, baby... ? ". said Sebastian. " yeah, baby, I was so tired ". said Chloe. " yeah, tell me about It ". said Sebastian. " you were tired too, why baby ? ". said Chloe. " the after party at the club ". responded Sebastian. " oh....yeah ". said Chloe. Then Julez comes knocking on the door and Sebastian Answers It.

" hey, Julez, what's up ". said Sebastian. " yeah have you two seen Tyler, he's no where to be found, I'm worried ". said Julez. " no I hav'nt, have you Chloe, baby ? ". said Sebastian. Then Chloe looks curious and nervous as well as Tyler beneath the bed pucking his head down. " no....I have not, He was here earlier, he probaly went out. I think,,,,,,but other than that I have no clue ". said Chloe. " okay guys, thanks anyway, bye, see ya In the morning ". said Julez. " see ya ". said Sebastian. " good night girl ". said Chloe. Then Julez leaves the room. Chloe gets out the bed seducing Sebastian by removing her silk robe, exposing her silk lingerie beneath, by trying to get his attention so Tyler can sneak out. Then she walks all sexy toward him and grabs him toward her to the bed and pushes him to the bed, climbs on top of him then starts kissing him so fiercely, while she steps on the floor silently giving Tyler a signal to sneak out.

Then Tyler crawl's on the floor toward the door and sneaks out without a sound.

Now he gets up from off the floor and goes toward his room right next door and enters.

" tyler, baby.....". said Julez as she walks to him giving him a quick kiss. " baby where were you, I was worried ? ". said Julez. " I went out for a moment just to chill out, I'm fine, babe ". said Tyler.

"oh....okay ". said Julez. "oh shit.." said Julez. "what, baby, what's wrong ". said Tyler. " I don't have my ear-ring's, this Is not good at all......shit I am going to die ". said Julez. " It will be fine, just buy new ones, hun..". said Tyler. " are you crazy, those ear-rings cost $2000.00. I can't just but new ones like that ". said Julez. " oh shit..., you better go searching for those shit's ". said Tyler. " yeah, I should ask Chloe and sebastian, but I know they're getting tired of my ass keep asking them quetions... I'll just wait til later ".said Julez. " go ask Caprice then, she probaly knows ". said Tyler. " you're right, I was at the club with her alot, okay baby, I'll be right back". said Julez as she went out the room and went to Caprice's room section.

As Julez enters the room, knocking on It then caprice say's come In, then as Julez walks In, A pillow comes Zooming her way going right across from her against the wall, which was thrown by Caprice.

" are you okay, girl.....". said Julez as she backed up.

" yeah, Just got a unexpecting call that I did not want to recieve at all, but I'm be fine ". Said Caprice. " so what do you want, Julez ". Questioned Caprice. " yeah, have you seen my ear-rings, girl, I lost them somewhere....so...". Said Julez. " Let me check my purse to see If I found them or something". said Caprice as she went to search In her purse. " so how have you and Tyler been lately, everything fine with you two......". Said Caprice. " yeah, girl, we're great, why you ask ". said Julez. " no reason, just was very curious, just wanted to know If you two were happy ". said Caprice. " oh well nothing Is wrong, we are very happy, so about the ear-rings ". said Julez. " It's a shame how a person can lose something and the finder can know where the the person lost what they can find, is'nt it, girl ". said Caprice In a suspicious voice. " I guess so....". responded Julez. Then Caprice pull Julez ear-rings right out of her gold purse In the first pocket.

" you found them....". said Julez excitely. " Oh...well I did'nt want to disturb you and Julien ". said Caprice. " what ! ". said Julez. " at the club when you two were talking at the bar side ". said Caprice.

" Oh.....yeah....yeah, well thanks Caprice, I got to go, bye". said Julez In a hurry. Then she leaves and goes back to her room.

On the other hand, as Chloe kisses sebastian he then Moves her off of him and stands up removing his shirts getting ready to take a shower.

" baby, whats wrong..". said Chloe. " I'm just so tired and I feel like taking a shower ". said Sebatian In a slick remark. " okay.......So you have to take a shower now ". said Sebastian. " wow, normally we would be In the opposite position, you don't want to make love to me ". said Chloe. " No ! I don't want to fuck you right now, okay, stop acting like a Hoe(whore), shit ! ". said Sebastian In a upsetting mood then he goes off to the bathroom to take a shower as he slams the bathroom door. " fine, don't fuck me, and I said make love to me., not fuck me,......my god ". sceamed silently Chloe then went straight to sleep mad.

The Next day Around 10:A.M, Sebastian Then wakes up and sneaks to

Caprice's room and just walk's In, Then Caprice Comes from behind him and jumps on his back then he throws her In her bed tenderly.

" I knew you would be coming back for my love'in ". said Caprice.

" no, caprice, I came for the total opposite, what me and you did was dead wrong, I don't love you like that, we are just friends, I love my girlfriend Chloe and nothing will ever destroy our love except death do us part, so give It up, I don't love you, caprice, okay ". said demanding Sebastian. " don't say that, you do love me, you told me when we made passionate love, I know you love me, sebastian...". said Caprice. " No I didn't, I said that sophomore year, but thats over with and me and you did not make love, Those were one nite stands... we fucked, not love making, just fucking ". said Sebastian.

" don't do that, I know you love me, yes.....you......do, baby, make love to me right now, do me sebastian, love me ". said caprice as she went toward to him trying to kiss him and make him sex her, ,but Sebastian force her off of him and pushed her away and left the room.

While during that whole time, Julien heard that whole confersation upon Sebastian and Caprice on accident. Then caprice walks out her room and spots Julien right around the corner looking at her In a curious way, Then..........................................